Sports Fans, Jocks, Republicans, and Religious Fanatics Are Dangerous, Ignorant, and Superstitious Cowards!

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Sports Fans, Jocks, Republicans, and Religious Fanatics Are Dangerous, Ignorant, and Superstitious Cowards!

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Tue Jun 24, 2014 4:28 am

This is a topic in response to another recent topic "Nerds Are Dangerous" that was put up by a new forum member, Orson, who I prefer to call horseshit!

I know, Horseshit said that he's done with this forum, and he's not coming back again. COWARD!!!

Yeah! According to Horseshit, all nerds are dangerous and should be kept on a WATCH LIST, because of some shootings that had taken place in our public schools from Columbine to the more recent Sandy Hook.

Let me say fist . . . those shootings only make up a very small percentage of "nerds" who had gone off the deep end and retaliated with violence.

The majority of nerds get bullied around every day by the jocks and sports fans in our schools, and yet, the vast majority do not resort to violence. That's probably why nerds get called "sissies" or "fags", because the majority do not retaliate, and also, because they don't like sports.

But, most of the violence is committed by jocks and sports fans, like, for example: Stubenville high school, where an under-aged teen was dragged unconscious from one rape party to another! And it wasn't nerds that did that sort of thing, but it was jocks and sports fans!

Oh yeah! I keep forgetting. The violence that was committed by a small, very small percentage of nerds was with a gun.

Jocks are too fucking retarded to figure out how to use a gun, except the one in their pants which they like to shove into an under-aged teenaged girl's clitoris. But, otherwise, jocks are too retarded to use a regular gun, because, ya know, like, it has too many moving parts.

That's why jocks play with balls, because balls don't have any moving parts.

And jocks only understand one-syllable words.

Well . . . actually . . . jocks do understand a few two-syllable words like . . . FOOTBALL and MONEY and WOMEN and HUMMER!!!

And of course, jocks have no need to retaliate because jocks and sports are backed up and supported by right-wing ultra-conservative Republicans who's got God on their side. So, jocks are free to rape with impunity! Jocks and sports fans are all happily living in La La Land, because they have God on their side.

Oh! And here is something that might give Orson AKA Horseshit and erection stiff enough and long enough to punch a hole in his bed room ceiling!!! And if Horseshit were to read this, it would probably (not prolly) be a week before he could get his pants on again!

Republicans already have us science nerds on their WATCH LIST!!!  

In the other topic, I had mentioned how some FOX affiliates refuse the carry the new COSMOS - A Space Time Odyssey with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Check out this following article, it is from a right-wing website at . . .

OK, the following article might be out-dated, as it was posted about three months ago.

Ted Cruz    National Report    Sarah Palin

America's #1 Independent News Team

Kansas to Black Out “Cosmos” Show
Over Controversies

< National Report > The Fox television show COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey has attracted its fair share of detractors since the docudrama first aired on March 9th.  But soon, the controversy revolving around the show might reach climactic new heights, as several State senators in Kansas will propose a bill on Thursday that would force Fox affiliates in their state to black out the science show completely.

The bill, which many are expecting will pass, would force local Kansas television stations affiliated with Fox to pay steep fines for airing the program.  Should any network continue to air all thirteen episodes of the show’s first season, the State would move to revoke their broadcasting privileges completely, driving those networks off the air.

Conservative lawmakers in Kansas are, however, offering Fox a back door through which they could skirt the new law: they won’t press this law into effect if Fox will agree to immediately develop a new show, hosted by young-Earth creationist Ken Ham, which pushes the theories of so-called “intelligent design.”  This new show would need to be aired on Sunday evenings, before Cosmos, in order for the small-time Fox affiliates to avoid Kansas’ legislative wrath.

The new bill is the brainchild of an ironically-named Kansas State Senator: Tom Edison (R).  “Cosmos is a liberal brainwashing program, designed to force our children into questioning the existence of our lord and savior Jesus Christ,” Edison said during a recent interview on one of the Fox affiliates under the gun.  “It’s a keystone of the liberal agenda that America’s youth be converted into following their so-called `logic,’ so conservatism dies out in a generation or two.  Well, we aren’t going to stand for this.  We aren’t going to let this TV show ruin our children.”

Edison went on to explain all the reasons why he “hates” the TV show.  “This show has no basis in reality whatsoever. The host goes on and on about science and scientific method, but never once does he say anything positive about Jesus.  He claims evolution and global warming are facts, not the opinions we all know them to really be.  And he very proudly tells viewers that he wants our children to question authority, question religion and faith.  This show won’t rest until all of our children are godless heathen liberals.”

His problems with Cosmos didn’t end there, either.  “I’ve been watching this show since the first episode.  They’ve gone to great lengths to claim Christianity has been terrible for science, and oppressive toward scientists.  But then, last night [April 6th], the host goes on a huge tirade about how awesome Islam is and how the Arabs were all pro-science!  So let me make sure I understand this . . . Christianity is evil, God doesn’t exist, and Muslims are the kindest people on Earth?  This show is a scourge, and our black out bill is the cure.”

Opponents of the bill note that it’s a clear violation of the first amendment, and the federal government may intervene with legal actions of their own should the law pass.  “This law clearly violates free speech, as well as the separation of church and state,” said a statement issued by the Justice Department.  “If we need to take this fight all the way to the Supreme Court, we’re prepared to do so.”

But Edison claims he isn’t worried about any legal action taken against the bill by the Federal government.  “Jesus will protect this bill and ensure its safe passage.  These liberal science-lovers might question the power of the almighty, but real believers in Christ know that soon, these people are going to see real evidence of the existence of God, when he delivers us from this television show.”

WOW! So some local FOX affiliates could lose their broadcast license if they show the new COSMOS!

Unless . . . . . of course . . . if they would also broadcast a creationist show by Ken Ham!

I CALL THAT BLACK MAIL!!! EXTORTION!!! TREASON!!! Because it violates the First Amendment in The Constitution!

But . . . . . on the other hand . . . if Ken Ham is going to be coming out with a creationist program, then . . . by all means, go ahead and broadcast it first before showing the new COSMOS. OK?

Let the idiot have the first word, and then, let Niel deGrasse Tyson have the last word.

Works for me!!!

Ken Ham will get his bitch-ass served up to him on a silver platter, just as it happened to him during his recent debate with Bill Nye The Science Guy at the Creation Museum in Kentucky!!!

Ken Ham spoke first, and Bill Nye spoke last, and Ken Ham lost the debate BIG TIME,  on his own home turf!

Even a Christian website, Christian Today, that conducted an exit poll, even they said, that Bill Nye won the debate with Ken Ham. Yes! about 92% percent said that Bill Nye had won, while only about 8% percent believed that Ken Ham had won.

Yeah! Ken Ham got his ass kicked on his own home turf!

Hey! Ken Ham! Like . . . things ain't a goin' so good for ya in the hood! Eh?

Aw! Poor baby!!!

Well, I don't know if Ken Ham has anything in the works to produce a TV series on Young Earth Creationism, or YEC.

If he doesn't . . . as of yet . . . then . . . it looks like the FOX affiliates in Kansas would all have to knuckle down under the threats from those shitty diaper-clad bed-wetting ignoramuses in the Republican party of KansASS!!!  

Yeah! Now we have Republicans in the higher echelons telling TV stations what they can NOT broadcast, under threats of losing their broadcast licenses. That is CENSORSHIP!!!

OK, if Ken Ham does decide to produce his own YEC show on Creationism to be aired on FOX, I won't object. Freedom of speech, and all that, ya know. Let the idiot have his say! HELL!!! I might even watch it, just for laughs!!!

And . . . he'll get no conversion from me! Only a few, hail and hardy, great big fat belly laughs!!!

But . . . the broadcasting of the new COSMOS should NOT be contingent on that!

It should make absolutely no difference, whether or not a program on Creationism is produced. People have a right to watch the new COSMOS, and if you don't like it, then don't watch it.

Just like I don't like Bill O'Reily and his FOX NEWS, so, I don't watch it.

It's a two-way street, it goes both ways.

Oh! But I keep forgetting! Jesus is the only ONE WAY!!! Yeah! I keep forgetting that! Stupid me! DUH!

Yeah! Orson AKA Horseshit, who claims to be an agnostic, says that a privately owned local media outlet has the right to NOT put something on the air! But, he sounds an awful lot like a 14th century religious Inquisitor to me! But then, he's a sports fan, and sports is a religion, and very dangerous religion.

Well, I don't believe that any broadcast or print media should ever be privately owned!

That's because billionaire fuck-tards, like Rupert Murdock, can buy up TV and radio stations, and Newspaper publishers, and have them only broadcast or publish what is biased toward his views, and nothing else would be published or broadcast. No other opinions would be allowed.

That's why I think that, ALL broadcast and printed media should be PUBLIC!

And NEVER privately owned!

If that makes me sound like a Socialist or a Commie, then so be it!!!

Well, of course, back in the 1960s when I was just a kid in school, I was called a sissy, a queer, and a fag, and a Commie, a Pinko, and a Comsymp, justly simply because I didn't like sports!

And Horseshit believes that all nerds should be placed on a WATCH LIST!!!

Well, Republicans and religious fanatics are far more dangerous, because they are a threat to Democracy, and to science education in our PUBLIC schools.

OK, I know the above article sound rather bizarre, and unbelievable.

But, we need to remember . . . . . that back in 2012, Paul Collins Broun Jr. a U.S. Congressional Representative for Georgia's 10th district, and a member of the Republican Party and the Tea Party Caucus, once made a comment to a SPORTSMAN'S Club at a Baptist Church, that everything he had learned in embryology, the big bang, and evolution, were all lies from the pit of Hell!!!

Yeah! Paul Broun, addressing a Sportsman's Club at a Baptist Church! This looks really creepy!

And yet, he was appointed head of the House Science Committee???

He should have been appointed the ass-end of the Single Axle Trailer House Pseudo-science Committee!!!

And, this fuck-tard is a doctor???


OK, these Republican fuck-tards who are in their late 50s to late 60s are of my generation (I'm ashamed to have to acknowledge) being that I'm 62 years old. Yeah! The Baby Boomer Generation from 1941 to 1961.

Many of these Republican retards were sports fans and bullies when they were in high school. Mitt Romney was a bully, and some of his former high school buddies came forward back in 2012, and openly admitted that they use to hang with Mitt Romney, and also, they use to bully some of the other students around. Well, I'm glad they were honest enough to come forward and admitted this openly. For that, I thank them!

Yeah! Most high school bullies usually become right-wing ultra-conservative Republicans wanting to impose a theocracy on the USA! These people ARE dangerous!!! Because they are a threat to Democracy, and academic freedom in our public schools. They are a threat to science education.

Should high school bullies be put on a WATCH LIST???

Former President Bush dragged us into an illegally declared war in Iraq which cost us trillions of dollars, and these Republican fuck-tards we have now might even drag us into a possible nuclear war!

Yeah! They believe that if they can make Apocalypse, and drag us into an Armageddon, that it would make Jesus come much sooner, and take them all on a magic carpet ride to their golden mansions up in the sky, way up there in La La Land where they will have apple pie in the sky in the sweet by and by, and their solid gold Cadillacs on platinum highways!!! Don't ya just love it???

NO! They will die in piles of radioactive rubble with the rest of us rotten sinners!

So, again I must ask . . . should all high school bullies who might become Republicans, and should all Republicans be placed on a WATCH LIST???

They do have the potential to destroy the USA, and perhaps even most of the life on this planet.

Yeah! I know I'm just some 62 year old coot!

Well, here's another old coot you all should listen to. I am subscribed to his YouTube channel.

Here's his latest video, and I have posted the transcript from said video.

You all should take a little gander at this. OK?

"You Can't Teach A Pig To Sing" by Old Fart Rants

Published on June 22,2014
Lying has been around as long as people have, but mouthing off about things you know nothing about has never seen as much popularity as it has in the past decade or so. We literally have a war on science now, driven by conservatives and evangelicals in which ignorance is actually embraced as a virtue. To them, it's not a handicap - it's a point of pride!

This war on science is a dangerous strategy that's actually working, causing facts, evidence and reason to fall prey to nonsense and prejudice, made even more dangerous by the fact that ignorant, prejudiced people have now infiltrated the highest levels of government. To me, this is the biggest threat to America today, because ignorance and superstition has become the equivalent of knowledge and expertise, and a badge of honor for the right wing.

Education and intelligence are to modern conservatives what holy water and sunlight are to vampires! Starting with the dumbest president in US history, George W. Bush and propelled forward by people like the dumbest bitch on earth, Sarah Palin, and the emergence of the dumbest political movement in history, the Tea Party, and media outlets like FOX NEWS, truth now matters less than fantasy, we now live in a time in which truth is portrayed as some kind of evil, oppressive force trying to suppress conservative America.

Shameless lying and ignorance work surprisingly well as a debate tactic because it's hard to argue with someone who is actually proud of how little they actually know. As Mark Twain said, "Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference." And we now have people in power who dismiss science in order to tout their ignorance in the most condescending ways possible, as if nothing could be sillier or more wrong than facts and evidence.

The problem is that people who are not only so catastrophically wrong but downright proud of being an ignoramus don't want to know the truth. When someone has such contempt for facts, any attempts to educate them only makes their pride in their ignorance grow stronger. The more you try to educate the proudly ignorant, the dumber they get. You can't teach a pig to sing - it's a waste of time and it just annoys the pig! And that makes them dangerous to society.

History proves that reality has a liberal bias, and the current conservative identity is now one of being opposed to everything liberal, which is why we've seen the proudly ignorant grow more belligerent, day after day. You cannot deal with people who think rational logic, even at the most basic level, is an anathema. That alone should exclude them from any leadership positions, but the right embraces ignorance because it's what gets them elected.

And when the root cause of conservative ignorance and contempt for science is backed by billionaires exploiting that ignorance, our country is doomed. Lazy, nationalistic, or theologically cultivated passive stupidity is intuitively understood and comparatively easy to manage. Aggressive stupidity backed by big money is another thing entirely. Ignorant people are key to fascism.  An ignorant, frightened, and desperate populace is easy pickings for a fascist takeover.

The majority of Republican voters identify themselves as highly religious. Is any educated person surprised by the close relationship between religion and the conservative idiocy we see today?  These people live in a simple minded black and white world, and Republicans simply serve up symbolism to take advantage of these easily mislead fools. They even have the unmitigated gall to call any opposition to their ignorance a war on religion!

The current state of conservative politics in general, and Republicans in particular, is being presented as a plate of a dozen cookies, with them taking eleven of them, and then telling the sheeple that liberals are trying to steal the one cookie God gave them.

Well, God didn't bring us the television, the atom bomb and the Internet - science and technology did. Democracy relies on a well-educated public, and modern civilization relies on scientific advancement, and if conservatives continue to choose representatives that undermine these pillars, our nation will crumble.

The good news is, every new generation more and more rejects the ignorance of the dwindling minority of conservative voters. The bad news is, but thanks to gerrymandering, they'll most likely hold onto their House seats and possibly even take the Senate. It is imperative that we do everything possible to vote the liars and cretins who feed the ignorant pigs their slop out of office in November. The future of our country literally depends on it.

Thank you Old Fart! You're right on the money!!!

When Fascism come to America . . .

. . . it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross!

Bend over Neo CONs, Republicans, Liars, and
Tea-baggers! This is Going To Take a While!

Anyway . . . . .

There is also . . . this football coach, Dave Daubenmire, of Pass The Salt Ministries, who says that Christians in our schools are getting bullied around.

Oh really???

And . . . . . this sack of shit has advocated that, it should be OK, for Christians to have the right to bully gays, and also, to bully nonbelievers, which of course means, the right to bully the science nerds and techno-geeks in our schools, because they accept evolution, and scientific facts, instead of Biblical fairy tales! Yeah, like getting bullied around is for there own good, because it will save their souls, or some stupid shit like that!!!

So, sports and religion, the two most morally corrupt entities on this planet, are going to combine forces, and plunge humanity back into the dark ages again. I think the Vatican is behind the marriage of religion and sports. Don't need the Inquisition any more. It's done it's job. Now, the Catholic Church has something even better than the Inquisition. It supports sports, because sports is anti-intellectual and anti-education. Yeah! Good way to discourage future generations of astronomers. Eh?

NO! Sports fans, jocks, and Christian Fundies don't want to be reminded of how small and insignificant they really are! They don't want to get knocked off their high pedestals. That's why they hate science, and why they hate nerds! They're all superstitious simpering little wet-pants COWARDS!!!

So, sports has become another dangerous religious cult! Hey! Do us a favor ya moronic fuck-tards! Why don't ya all go Jones Town on us, and get in line to drink the Kool Aid! OK???

Yeah! Notice how coach Dave Daubenmire so smuggly and so arrogantly wears a cap with a cross on it! I have come to hate the cross, as much as Jews hate the swastika and blacks hate the Confederate flag. Well, I hate all thee symbols! All three are evil.

The cross was a Roman device of torture and and execution. If Christ had been hung on the gallows instead, then, I suspect coach Dave Daubenmire would have a hangman's noose on his hat. Or if the Romans had electricity (which of course they didn't) then coach Dave Daubenmire would have a little electric chair on his hat.

When I was a kid, I was raised a Presbyterian. So, even back when I use to be a Christian, I still did not like the cross, and I hated that hymn which had in it, "I will cherish the old rugged cross" because, that meant cherishing a device of execution.  

Yeah! Don't ya just love and cherish the old rugged cross, the gallows, the hangman's noose, the gas chamber, or the electric chair! They're all the same damn thing!

Oh! And speaking of devices of execution . . .

Here in Texas, the death penalty is by lethal injection where the prisoner is strapped down to a gurney, and the lethal injection is administered. Texas Governor, Rick Perry, once allowed an innocent man to be executed on the gurney, even though, DNA samples collected form the scene of the crime proved that the accused was NEVER at the crime scene.

Yeah! Governor Good Hair Rick Perry, being a Christian Fundamentalist, he rejects all science and scientific evidence. He rejects DNA evidence, because DNA also proves EVOLUTION!!!

Oh! And Rick Perry loves it when the gurney is used!

He loves and cherishes the gurney, because . . . with the armrests extended out to the sides . . . . .

. . . it looks like a cross!!!

Praise the Lord!!! Glory Halleluiah!!! Amen!!!

Yeah! Rick Perry really cherishes this old rugged cross!

Well, actually, it's a modern looking clean looking clinical looking cross.

Anyway . . . . .

So, nerds should get bullied around? Right?

And Horseshit who claims to be agnostic, says that nerds should be placed on a WATCH LIST!!!

NO! Horseshit is actually a dangerous religious fanatic, because sports is his religion!

Horseshit is a jock-strap sniffer who worships jocks, and sucks there cocks, and licks their boots!!!

So, Horseshit says nerds are dangerous! Eh?

Well, Christians have tortured and murdered over 60 million people from 1100 to about 1830, over 700 years of Hell on earth, thanks to the Roman Catholic Church, the Holy Office, and the Inquisition.

Yeah! The church had a WATCH LIST!!!
A very long and extensive WATCH LIST!!!
A 700 year WATCH LIST, and 60 million people were on it!
And 60 million people were tortured to death!!!

And Orson AKA Horseshit, says all nerds are dangerous and should be placed on a WATCH LIST???

Horseshit is the most vile and contemptible piece of dog-shit I have ever had the displeasure of encountering on an Internet forum. If I were to meet that jock-boot-licking, jock-cock-sucking, mother fucking son-of-a-bitch in person, I would swing my cane across his teeth, and send his lower-jaw swinging around to the back of his neck, and for the rest of his pathetic little life he'd have to suck mush through a straw! Well, he sucks anyway!

He's a maggot, an insect, an insignificant little dung-beetle, batting away at his little ball of muck, and fooling himself that he trundles the sun!  

If Horseshit hates nerds so much, and if he hates science so much, then . . . he ought to have his water turned off, his electricity turned off, and get off the Internet, trade his car for an ox cart, and live in a mud hut, picking the lice out of his pubic hairs, and die before he gets to be 40 years old!

Anyway . . .

So . . . . . these Republican Cry Babies for Christ are all saying that Christians in America are ALL being persecuted!!!

Well . . . . . boo fucking hoo!

Aw! The poor babies!

NO!!! I got some good news for you all . . .

Dear Christians . . . you are NOT being persecuted here in the USA! OK?

So, get your collective panties out of a bunch!

In fact, Christian Republicans now have far far far more power and influence than they ever had since this country was originally founded, as a SECULAR NATION!!!! Got it???

In fact, some of you good Christian Republicans in public office even have the authority to censor the media, and to censor science programs, and you even have the power and the authority to kill innocent people! And, we can't do jack shit about it!!!

Also, atheists and us agnostics, are NOT demanding that religious programming be taken off the air on any TV or radio station. NO!!! And again, NO!! In fact, we actually support religious freedom! Got it???

Oh! But many Christian Fundamentalists are demanding that Neil deGrasse Tyson's COSMOS is NOT shown of some FOX affiliates and some Republican legislators in Kansas wish to pass legislation to have those FOX affiliates who attempt to show COSMOS, lose their broadcast licenses.

Well . . . they're NOT gong to succeed!

They can't! Because, even if they do pass the legislation in Kansas, the United States Supreme Court WILL over-rule it! Because it's unconstitutional and it violates the First Amendment! Got it???

I'm actually against censoring any religious programming, just as much, as I'm against any and all attempts by religious fundamentalists censor the new COSMOS by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Also, I happen to be a member of AU which is Americans United for The Separation of Church and State.

I'm on the $10 dollar per month membership. Yeah! It is charged to my bank account 10$ dollars every month.

AU has all kinds of members. Some are atheist, some are agnostic, and some are even Christian Ministers and pastors and priests who also favor the separation of church and state.

So, I do not hate Christians!

But . . . I do despise those individuals who would force their religious beliefs upon the rest of us. I don't care if you are a Christian, or a Muslim, or Jewish, or any religion.

Of course, Jews have been staying out of the controversy, even the Orthodox Jews, who are fundamentalist, they too have been staying out of the controversy. Jews only wish to be left alone.

And for those Christian Fundies who are all delusional and paranoid about Muslims wanting to force Sharia Law, please be rest assured, it can't be done, because it is unconstitutional. And so . . . are your pathetic attempts to force a Christian theocracy on us! BOTH would be unconstitutional. Got it???

So, keep your God damn dirty rotten slimy shit-encrusted hands off of my books, my music, and my favorite science programming, and just go ahead and enjoy your religious programming. OK???

And all will be hunky dory!

Okey dokey Smokies???
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