Albert Einstein on school sports

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Albert Einstein on school sports

Post by Earl on Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:30 pm

"You beat a woman and drag her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots? You're the fourth guy taken in the NFL draft. You kill people while driving drunk? That guy's welcome. Players caught in hotel rooms with illegal drugs and prostitutes? We know they're welcome. Players accused of rape and pay the woman to go away? You lie to police, trying to cover up a murder? We're comfortable with that.  You love another man? Well, now you've gone too far!" -- Dale Hansen, Dallas sports anchor for ABC local affiliate WFAA

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Re: Albert Einstein on school sports

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Tue Feb 25, 2014 7:46 am

Yeah! Also, being physically handicapped here in America is considered a worse crime than dealing drugs, rape, or murder!

Reading books is a crime in America, unless it's the Bible.

But even then, you're not suppose to read that either. You're suppose to let your minster read it to you instead, and interpret all the passages for you and let him tell you what it means.

In Texas, if you live in a high rise apartment, you can get the cops called on you just for flushing your own toilet. You're not allowed to watch videos, or listen to music, or have an alarm clock. You can't use deodorant or aftershave Cologne, but you have to put up with retards who smell like urine and feces.

Thankfully I'm not living in the highrise anymore. I'm now living in a nice ground level cottage, but I have to go to the nearest highrise in my neighborhood to do laundry.

The manager gave me the key to the front door. There are 8 floors and one laundry room to each of the floors from 2 to 8.

Well, thanks to a couple of retards, it looks like I might not be able to do laundry there anymore.

OK, here's what's been going down . . . . .

Last Saturday, my healthcare provider, who's like an adopted younger sister to me, we went together to do my laundry. We take the elevator and when we stop at a laundry room, if it's busy, then we go back into the elevator to another floor, and so on, and so on, until we find a laundry room that is not busy.

Well, on the 3rd floor we found a laundry room that was not busy. Each laundry room has only one washing machine and one dryer. When we opened the washer (it was stopped) but there were still clothes inside. So, we took the clothes out and laid them on top of the machine. In the past, I have done this many times, and when the person would come for his/her clothes, they usually don't complain.

Oh, but this one woman did complain, then after she put her clothes in the dryer, she went to visit a neighbor on the floor, and her neighbor came out, saying that she was the treasurer of the apartment, and she got a complaint from a neighbor that a couple of "dirty people off the streets" came into this laundry room.

I pulled out my keys, and showed them to her, and I told her that the building manager gave me a key to the front door, and that although I live, not in the building itself, but in the complex, that my ground level cottage is one of several others that are part of the complex. So, I'm entitled to use the laundry rooms.

Then she started to give us a long lecture. Well, I wasn't in the mood. My healthcare provider and I, we enjoy our conversations together, laughing and joking. So, we were being interrupted.

So, I started clapping my hands, and I said to this woman "Oh! Goody goody! We going to be treated to a fascinating one hour topic about washing machines! Oh my Oh my! How very interesting!" to which she responded "are you making fun of me"?

I simply told her, that I was not in the mood to hear a long lecture about laundry, that I wanted to enjoy my company with my healthcare provider, and to just, bugger off!

Well she left, in and 8 cylinder huff!!!

Then when the washing machine had stopped, the dryer was still going. So, we went to another floor to find a dryer that was not busy, and we put my clothes into it.

OK, we didn't want to just sit there for the next 48 minutes, so we went down to the 1st floor and went outside to the gazebo, because it was a nice day, and I started smoking one of my cigars. My healthcare provider and I were having a nice conversation, laughing and joking.

Them two police cars arrived in front of the building. The officers were talking to a rather large woman sitting on one of the benches. She went back inside the building, and the two cops approach us as we were still sitting inside the gazebo.

The officer warned me that if they got one more complaint that I would be barred from ever entering the building, to which I asked, how I was going to do my laundry, and how was I going to pay my rent?

Damn! Why are cops called officers anyway? They don't sit in an office, they sit in a police car, eating donuts. And what is it with these cops and their donuts anyway?

Well . . . . .  never mind. To continue . . . . .

When I tried to explain my side of the story, the two cops refused to listen. He also found it suspicious that we were going from one floor to another. Then I said, that's because we look for a laundry room that is not busy, and that's why we go from one floor to another, until we find one we can use.

Then the cops said, that we should just stay on one floor and wait for the machine to stop, and wait for a person to take out the clothes.

Oh! So we're suppose to sit there for over an hour, on the same floor, keeping quiet, waiting for the machine to stop, instead of going to another floor???

We're suppose to just sit there, twiddling our thumbs, and let our jaws hang slack, drooling from the corners of our mouths, and be perfectly silent, and not have any conversations???

At that point I starting to get really pissed off, demanding to explain my side of the story, and then the cop started yelling at back me, saying if I'm going to get loud, he can get loud right back at me!

Finally I told him, that I'm going to contact the Civil Liberties Union and the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, and I'm going to lawyer-up! I also demanded their names.

Well, they shouted their names as they walked away and left. My healthcare provider, she went to hide behind some bushes, and she took down the front plate license number, and the blue number on the left front fender of their cop car.

When it was getting time for our dryer to stop, we headed back to the building. Just then, a pickup truck from the Housing Authority stopped. I approached the truck, and talked to the guy inside. He recognized me from the apartment building where I use to live. He was really nice, and he took down my complaint.

Anyway, tomorrow, Tuesday, I'm going to call the apartment manager. I'm going to request that someone from the building comes to my cottage to collect the rent, and I'm also going to request that a washing machine and dryer are installed in my cottage.

That way, I don't have to fight retards who call the cops at the drop of a hat!

I just wish, that all the retards around the world, would just die quietly in their sleep!
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