A cultural clash in the world of school sports

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A cultural clash in the world of school sports

Post by Earl on Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:34 am

I'd like to point out a stark contrast between two items I've come across online.  These two items represent a clash between two different mindsets in the world of school sports.  I find a comparison of these two items to be fascinating.

The item I've chosen to present first is one that I discovered only about two days ago, when I read in a blog elsewhere about a particular t-shirt that was being sold at another website.  The website I've just referenced is www.suckerpunchathletics.com.  The t-shirt is black with the following statement on the front in white letters:  "I'm not a BULLY You're just a Pussy!"  (Sorry for the cuss word.  I'm just quoting exactly what it says.)  I did a Google image search to see if I could find an image of the t-shirt to copy and paste in this OP, but such an image was not available.  So, I've copied and pasted a link to the webpage from which the t-shirt may be ordered.


Perhaps someone who reads this OP may think I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but I would disagree.  Is this particular product of the sewer any less offensive than a t-shirt that condones rape?  Those who bully others dishonor themselves even more than they do their victims.  Honorable people don't lower themselves to the level of a bully.

Incidentally, in addition to defending bullying, this t-shirt also reinforces the negative "jock bully" stereotype, especially considering the fact that this website is aimed at the athletic crowd.  Andy Austin, the former Montana State football player who posted in Ray's now nonexistent forum, once informed me in an e-mail that he once stopped a bully who was bullying another student.  Needless to say, I doubt he would appreciate this t-shirt.

So, this is the negative online item.

And now for the second, which is the OP of a particular topic at www.democraticunderground.com.  The member who wrote the OP is trumad.  (I love that username!  Smile  )  I've posted a link to the DU webpage and have also copied and pasted the text of the OP as follows:

trumad wrote:I have been in a couple of fights in my life---and all were with bullies.

I am blessed with good size--- 6:2---230 pounds...and a Dad who took me boxing when I was a wheee lad.

IE: I can take care of myself.

One thing I could never tolerate in school and when I was in the Army were bullies.

As a young man I met an befriended other young men who had a bit of a difficult time defending themselves.

Small in size--- not very strong--- a target on their back for bullies. That is one thing bullies will always do--- go after those who have a difficult time defending themselves.

I remember an incident when I was in the Army where I defended this poor guy from a douchebag bully.

The weaker kid---Skillman was his name--- was being bullied by a guy named Guillian. Both were in my unit and it had been going on for quite a while. I remember sitting in our barracks hallway cleaning our rifles one day when Guillian started in on Skillman. Slapping him on the head---calling him Faggot, just mean shit. Skillman just took it but was clearly upset.

I kindly asked Guillian to stop--- he did not... I asked him again---he did not.... I asked him one more time...

I then got up and kicked his ass all the way down the hallway until my other buddies ripped me off of him. He never fucked with Skillman again.

I bring this up because if I was in that fucking douchebag school that Romney was in---and I witnessed Romney doing what he did to that poor poor kid.... Romney might not look so pretty today.

I despise Bullies--- I despise assholes who take advantage of people or animals who can't defend themselves. Men who hit women---don't get me started!

I have raised my 3 kids to defend kids and others in need---and told them that if ever found out they bullied someone else---there would be hell to pay. So far so good.

And to my dying day--- It would be wise not not have me around if you're bulling someone.
I had come across posts by trumad before.  I have no reason to believe that he's not telling the truth about himself.  He has consistently spoken out against bullying.  

He's also mentioned his own athletic background in other posts he's submitted.  He was a football player in high school and may have participated in one or more other sports as well.  Unfortunately, I don't remember all the details.  He's now a middle-aged man in his fifties who still pumps iron at a local health club.

Incidentally, in one of his responses to the replies of other members to this particular OP of his, he mentioned that one of his sons had no interest in sports and that he had no problem with that.  In other words, he loved his nonathletic son as much as he loved his other two sons.  (Sorry, I don't remember if he has three sons or two sons and a daughter.)

He was outraged and distressed by the Steubenville scandal; so, he also started a topic of his own about it. He had no sympathy for the rapists, even though they were football players.  He used the disgusting Michael Nodianos video to teach his sons they had a duty to stand up for others.  He also said he was so distressed when he first learned about how the 16-year-old girl had been mistreated that he couldn't sleep that night. Here is a big, tough man who had enough empathy and compassion to be touched by the utter humiliation of a teenage girl.  This is the way a man should be!  He's far more of a man than any guy who would have no problem with that t-shirt.  I can just imagine what he would say about it!  If I ever met the guy in real life, I'd be honored to include him among my friends.  His kids are very lucky to have a father like him.

I used to be prejudiced against football players for perfectly understandable reasons.  I possibly may still be slightly prejudiced, although I've never looked down on any guy for participating in a sport.  But over the years I've learned that football players are a bit more diverse than I had believed decades ago.

So, we have clashing mentalities in the world of school sports -- polar opposites, in fact -- which means we need to be careful to not stereotype every single guy who happens to have an athletic background.  May the trumads prevail!

"You beat a woman and drag her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots? You're the fourth guy taken in the NFL draft. You kill people while driving drunk? That guy's welcome. Players caught in hotel rooms with illegal drugs and prostitutes? We know they're welcome. Players accused of rape and pay the woman to go away? You lie to police, trying to cover up a murder? We're comfortable with that.  You love another man? Well, now you've gone too far!" -- Dale Hansen, Dallas sports anchor for ABC local affiliate WFAA

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Re: A cultural clash in the world of school sports

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:18 pm

Good afternoon Earl:

To be honest, I'll probably always harbor some prejudice against football players.

But, I will definitely make an exception in Trumad's case, since he is willing to stand up to bullies and even mop up the floor with them.

Yeah! A lot of jocks think one is a "fag" if one doesn't like sports.

But guess, what!

I have respect and admiration for those professional ball players who are now coming out of the closet, and publicly admitting they're gay!

So, as for all those bullies who think that people who don't like sports, are all "fags", we can now point out to them, that there are professional football and basketball players who are gay.

And no, homosexuality is NOT a sin!

We don't choose to be gay or straight, we are born that way.

It has to do with the neurological structure of the brain.

So, I have to go with the scientific evidence on this.

As for Mitt Romney . . . . .

I would dearly love to chain his hands behind his back, shove a great big cow-flop into his mouth, sew his lips shut, kick him in the balls, and shove an electric cattle-prod up his ass!

I wish somebody out there would kill that mother-fucker!
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