I Heard The Rumble! - How Sports Is Destroying My City!

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I Heard The Rumble! - How Sports Is Destroying My City!

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Wed Apr 17, 2013 7:59 am

Well, it finally happened! And this really SUCKS!!!

I guess you all remember back in October 2012, when I had posted a topic in the old Sports Sucks forum about the impending demolition of our El Paso City Hall, and the Insights Science Museum.

Both of these buildings were to be torn down to make room for a new sports arena! Yeah! A great big sandbox for fucking retards to play in!

And then, more recently, I learned that the two great big tall ASARCO smokestacks of the old steel factory were also going to be taken down. The steel factory was shut down years ago because of the pollution. But it still makes me sad to see the big smokestacks are now missing. I thought the smokestacks were beautiful, that they looked really cool, because they were a landmark.

I don't know why the old steel factory could not have been converted into a kind of Industrial Museum to serve as a monument to a bygone era. But now, the two great smokestacks are gone.

It was just this last Saturday, April 13,2013 when the ASARCO smokestacks were taken down, and then, it was on the morning of Sunday, April 14,2013 when the City Hall was taken down, and about a month earlier, the Insights Science Museum was demolished.

When the ASARCO smokestacks came down, I didn't hear anything from where I live, because the ASARCO smokestacks were too far away. But the next day, after waking up on Sunday morning, City Hall was demolished, and I heard the rumble!!!

Then, I literally broke down and cried! Yeah, sports fans! Real men do cry! OK?

Anyway . . . . . this evening I did a Google image search for the El Paso City Hall, the Insights Science Museum, and the great big ASARCO smokestacks, and I uploaded these images to my Photobucket website so that I can post them here in this topic.

Photo #1 - The Insights Science Museum, where I had visited last year back in November 2012 and saw all kinds of really cool exhibits, and I sat around and waited until it was time for them to demonstrate their Tesla Coil. Behind the museum is the El Paso City Hall.

But now, that's all gone! Thanks, sports fans! You're really fucking up my city for me!

Photo #2 - A better view of the El Paso City Hall behind the Insights Science Museum. The City Hall building looks exactly like the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the one that was taken down in an act of terrorism by Timothy McVeigh with a truck bomb made with ammonium nitrate back in April 19, 1995 which killed 168 people and injured over 800.

Yes, I happen to know that BOTH our El Paso City Hall AND the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City were designed by the same architect. I love big buildings, and I also like doing research on buildings and on their history.

So, as far as I'm concerned, sports fans are terrorists, almost as bad as Timothy McVeigh! The only difference is, that instead of killing, they like to beat up and rape teenage girls, dragging them unconscious from one rape party to the next! Oh wait! Some of these teenage girls commit suicide afterwards. So, in a way, they are murderers! And sports is destroying my city! Hey sports fans! Ain't ya proud!

Photo #3 - The El Paso City Hall in the days just before it was scheduled for demolition. Yeah, they had the gall and the audacity to hang a great big banner saying "IT'S HAPPENING" like it was some kind of holiday coming up.

Every time I would go out to do my shopping, I would be riding the bus up Mesa Street on the way to Albertson's and Wallgreens, and I could see what they were doing to the City Hall, taking out some of the windows and putting rectangular holes in the walls, probably to plant explosives. It was a sad sight to see, and it made me feel really depressed just looking at it.

Photo #4 - Here it is coming down. This sucks! Yeah! I imagine all the sports fans cheered and I also imagine some of the redneck yokels shouted FIRE IN THE HOLE!!! Hope they all had a good time, because I sure as Hell didn't!

The event was broadcasted on all our local NEWS channels on TV. But I didn't watch it on TV, and I didn't go out to watch it either. No, I just stayed home doing stuff on my computer. When I woke up Sunday morning, when City Hall was taken down, I heard the rumble!

Photo #5 - The ASARCO steel factory. It had been shut down years ago because of the pollution, and of course, a lot of jobs were lost. But, I was use to seeing the tall smokestacks. I actually liked seeing them. Sometime when I take a bus to Walmart, that particular rout was on the freeway to the north part of El Paso. I like taking that rout because it goes past the railroad yards and there are two high railroad bridges that cross the freeway. Sometime I get to see some trains crossing the bridges. I love looking at railroad yards! Trains are beautiful! I love trains! And I enjoyed seeing the tall ASARCO smokestacks. But now, they're gone. I guess I'm just a sentimental old fool.

Photo #6 - Another view of the ASARCO smokestacks. The mountain with the cross on top is across the border into Mexico. The mountains in this desert region rise to over 8,000 feet above sea level. I'm really going to miss seeing the smokestacks now that they're gone.

Photo #7 - The ASARCO smokestack going down. This is the freeway the bus takes on the way up to the north part of El Paso, when I go to Walmart. Yeah! I know! I know! FIRE IN THE HOLE!!! I get it!

Photo #8 - Yeah, another view of the old ASARCO smokestack coming down.

I suppose by now, there are some YouTube videos on the demolition of the City Hall and the ASARCO smokestacks. But I don't feel like watching them right now. Maybe someday, but, not now. It was distressing enough just to do a Google image search and uploading the images to my Photobucket website so that I could post them here.

Anyway . . . . .

It was sometime back in October 2012 when I heard that the City Hall and the Insights Science Museum were going to be demolished to make room for the new sports arena, a fucking sandbox for fucking retards to play in.

One day, as I was taking a bus up Mesa Street to go to Albertson's and Walgreens, as the bus passed the area around the public library, I saw a FOX 14 NEWS van parked in front, and some protesters were holding a demonstration carrying posters and banners. The bus driver informed me that they were protesting the plans to take down City Hall and the Insights Science Museum to make room for the coming sports arena.

Well, I had decided, that after getting groceries from Albertson's and getting some cigars from Walgreens, that I was going to ride my JAZZY power chair to Starbucks, get myself a dark roast coffee, and then, go back down to the library area and join the protesters.

When I got there, the FOX 14 NEWS van was still parked in front, but the reporters were not anywhere to be seen, and the protesters were gone. But, there was two big guys standing around like a couple of 250 pound retards wearing bright orange shirts with black lettering PLAY BALL EL PASO!

I asked one of the orange shirts if he knew where the news reporters were and what happend to the demonstrators, and he replied "Oh! Those losers! They all left!" Then he asked me if I was in favor or against the new sports arena, and I said that I was against it, because I heard, that no only are they going to take down the City Hall, but also, the Insights Science Museum, and I had no idea what was going to happen to the History Museum, or the art gallery, or the public library.

Then, the orange shirt fuck-tard said that he didn't give a shit about science museums or libraries, and that people like me, is what's wrong with America!


Like, I'm what's wrong with America because I support public libraries and science education!!!

And then . . . . . the 250 pound retard who looked like a pumpkin in his orange shirt went on to say . . . that people who are physically handicapped should be exterminated, and also, that kids with physical disabilities who are unable to participate in sports should not even be allowed in our schools!

Then, I got pissed, and threw my hot Starbucks dark roast coffee in his face!

I left the scene, and rode my JAZZY back home, and as usual, as I passed the federal building, I usually like to stop and talk to my favorite friendly neighborhood cops who walk the beat in the area.

When I told the officer what had transpired, he asked me if the guy in the orange shirt was a large fat guy, and I said yes.

The cop laughed, and told me that he has seen the guy walking past him about an hour earlier.

Then I had mentioned how the orange shit was bragging that he had a really good job that was paying over $200,000 dollars per year, and he was bragging about his $100,000 dollar Hummer.

Again, the cop laughed. It's obvious the orange shirt didn't own shit, because if he had own a $100,000 dollar Hummer, or any kind of car, he would not have been walking all the way to the library area.

Then I had mentioned throwing my hot coffee in his face, and I was worried that I might be in trouble for that. Again, the cop actually thought that was funny.

He said that because I'm physically handicapped, and have to get around in a power chair, that I have a right to defend myself if I'm physically attacked, that I'm allowed to have pepper spray, or even keep a baseball bat in the pouch behind the seat of my JAZZY.

Of course, I can't strike someone merely for verbally insulting me, but I can strike back if I'm physically assaulted. So, I can use pepper spray, or a bat, or a folding knife with a blade no longer than 6 inches to defend myself.

I'm afraid of the kind of scum the new sports arena is going to attract into our city. It's going to be like a big pile of shit attracting flies. Yeah! Sports fans are just insects to me! Yeah! Uh huh! Shit eating flies!

Well, I'm going to get an aluminum baseball bat and stick it in the pouch behind the seat of my JAZZY power chair. And if any one of these fuck-tards in the orange shirts lays a hand on me, I will pull out the bat, and let him have it, sending his lower jaw swinging around to the back of his neck, and he teeth flying across the street! For the rest of his pathetic little life, he will have to suck mush through a straw!

Yeah! I'll show these retarded mother fuckers here in El Paso how I . . . . . PLAY BALL!!!

Anyway . . . . .

I went out this Tuesday afternoon, April 16,2013 to go up to Albertson's and Walgreens. It made me sad to see the City Hall building missing from the scenery. On they way home, I got off the bus in the downtown area, and rode my JAZZY power chair on the street in front of the public library on the way to where the City Hall building once stood.

The area is fenced off, but I could see the rubble pile there, and the bulldozers were in the process of clearing away the wreckage.

I shouted out as loud as I could . . .
YOU BASTARDS! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! YOU BASTARDS! YOU BASTARDS! FUCK YOU ALL!!! . . . over and over again, and then, I turned around and headed back home.

Yeah, I know, those guys were only doing their job! The guard standing in front of the gate even nodded his head in agreement as I was shouting. Even he thought that it was wrong to remove the City Hall, and the science museum to make room for a stupid sports stadium.

Yeah! A great big fucking sandbox for fucking retards to play their childish Kindergarten games!

I'm outta here!

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