Feeling grumpy? Watch this video!

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Feeling grumpy? Watch this video!

Post by Earl on Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:22 am

Quoting from the www.tastefullyoffensive.com webpage where this video is posted: "The tiny Namaqua Rain Frog lives in the sandy dunes along Port Nolloth in the Northern Cape province of South Africa."


For those of you who may want to read up on this particular species of frog, I've posted a link below to the Wikipedia article.


Have you ever noticed that many reptiles and amphibians have the strangest looking eyes?

I'm assuming the frog's squeaking is its mating call. I have no idea if the frog in this video is a male or a female. I'll assume it's a "he." Wow, I sure hope the little guy finds a girlfriend real soon! Laughing

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