Jocks Are Deified! Rape Victims And Handicapped People Are Demonized!

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Jocks Are Deified! Rape Victims And Handicapped People Are Demonized!

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:46 pm

OK, this is going to be a rather long topic. Sorry 'bout that!

First, it was Notre Dame University, then it was Penn State University, and now, it's Steubenville High School in Ohio. Perhaps I should say Stupidville!!!

And in every case, when someone has been raped by a football player, or a basketball player, nothing is ever done about it, and instead, the officials fall back on their old blame the victim mentality!

Jocks are deified and put up on a pedestal, while their rape victims are demonized, and made to feel like criminals. But also, kids who are physically handicapped are made to feel worthless if they are not good at sports.

I don't remember how many times I have mentioned this before in the old Sports Sucks forum before it went down, but I'm going to repeat this again here, in case we have more new comers to this forum.

Also . . . a WARNING . . . in advance . . . to any would-be trolls, and obnoxious sports bores, who come in to register and to post in these forums, for the sole purpose of harassing me, as has occurred in the old forum . . . FUCK OFF! EAT SHIT! AND DIE! OK???

Anyway . . . . .

Getting back to what I was saying . . .

When I was a kid in school, living up in Northern Minnesota, I was lousy at sports. At the age of 4, I was in a car accident, and my left knee was crippled up because of it. So, I was unable to run like the other kids, and I walked with a limp, and my left knee was in constant pain.

One day, in the school gymnasium, during the 4th grade PE class, we had to climb a rope hanging down from the ceiling, and I was the only one who was unable to climb the rope because of my crippled up left knee. The other kids started laughing, and the coach grabbed me by the arm, and took me to the principal's office.

I was told that I was to be suspended from school. It did not matter that I was passing all of my other academic subjects, like, history, geography, and SCIENCE AND MATH!!!


Being good at sports and climbing a stupid rope was more important!

When I told the principal that I thought it was unfair that I was to get suspended, when I was passing everything else, well . . . . . he gave me one of two choices.

I could either accept the suspension and be sent home to my parents, or I would get locked up in the closet over night, and the next morning, the authorities would come, and take me to the juvenile detention facility in Red Wing.

So, I chose to be suspended and sent home to my parents instead.

Yeah! I would have been treated like a criminal, just for being physically handicapped, when I had committed no crime.

When I was in the 5th grade, I had this teacher who was really super Gung-Ho when it came to teaching PE and sports. During a PE class we were playing basketball. The ball slipped out of my hands, and the teacher picked it up, and punched me in the stomach with the ball as hard as he could. I was doubled over in pain, and it seemed like forever before I was able to breath again. My ribs felt sore for about a week afterwards. He could have easily fractured my ribs. I was fortunate that he didn't.

Then, one day, as we were checking out books from the school library, I saw this Astronomy book that I wanted. My teacher would not allow me to check it out. When I asked him why all the other kids were allowed to check out any book they wanted, but why I wasn't, he dragged me out into the hallway, and pushed me back, bashing my head against the corner of the concrete block wall. I felt dizzy and I nearly blacked out. I was 11 years old at the time.

When I came home, I had dizzy spells and a really bad headache. My parents complained to the school. The following year, the teacher was fired, and after that, he could not get a teaching job anywhere else.

But, for me, the damage was done. Because of a severe concussion, through out my teenage years, I would get headaches and dizzy spells. Alka Seltzer on ice with a slice of lemon became one of my favorite drinks when I came home from school.

When I was in the 7th grade, I was 13 years old when our family moved down from Minnesota to Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico back in April 1965. Yeah! Another crummy little town with a really shitty Junior High School. Again, my troubles started in PE. One day, we were being taught wrestling techniques. We had the wrestling mats spread out on the floor. Before the coach was about to start teaching, this one kid, who was much bigger and stronger than I was, he came up behind me, and knocked me down, and got on top of me, and started pinning my arms behind my back, and I was in a lot of pain.

Finally, the coach told him to get off, and then, the coach jumped me, and pinned me down, and was pinching the nerves in the back of my neck, and I felt tingly all over. At that moment, I was really scared, and afraid that he could cause permanent damage. I kicked and struggled, and managed to break free, and I took off across the gym. When he told me to come back, I told him to go to Hell, because I wasn't about to go back and get worked over some more.

Then, he came after me, and dragged me to the principles office.

When I explained to the principal what happened, that I did not start the fight, that I was attacked from behind by another much larger kid, at first, he was going to suspend the kid for a few days.

Oh! But the coach sucked up to the principle, because the bigger kid was the schools all around best jock, the best track runner, and the best pole vaulter, and school's best basketball player, and he was trying out for the school football team.

So, I got the ax instead, and was suspended from school for three fucking years!

Yeah! We moved out of Truth Or Consequences down to Las Cruses, New Mexico. But I was told I could not return to school, that I had to go for psychological sessions at
Doña Ana Mental Health. My shrink and caseworkers kept me out of school for three years, and I had to take classes in their day center, where I was held back to a lower grade, when I should have been in the 7th or 8th grade, but I was held back a few grades.

That really sucked!!! I felt like I was back in fucking Kindergarten again!

I was 14 years old when we moved down to Las Cruces

When I was 13 years old, I had scored 150 points on a standard IQ test. Also, as I have mentioned so many times before, my mother taught me how to read and write before I even started school. So, by the time I was still only in the 3rd grade I could already read at high school and adult level, and during the summer months, I would check out books from the public library. Science was my favorite subject, especially astronomy.

Anyway, when we had moved down to Las Cruces, I went to the day center from about 9:00 AM and came home about 1:00 PM and I didn't feel like going out, because it was rather embarrassing not being is school. So I would wait until about 4:00 PM before going out on my bicycle.

One day, after 4:00 PM, I decided to go to the public library, and I got myself a library card, and checked out a bunch of books to read when I got home. I also decided about a week later to check out the big library at NMSU, New Mexico State University. Of course, since I was not a student there, I could only check out a maximum of three books on each subject, for example: Three Astronomy books, three Physics books, three books on Biology, etc. etc. But, that was OK, as long as I could check out some books. AT COLLEGE LEVEL!!!

Well, when my case workers found out that I had gotten two library cards, they were really pissed off and confronted my mother about it. They felt that instead of my being in my room reading books, I should be going out getting some exercise.

After that, when I was at the day center, I was not allowed to attend classes anymore, but was made to go outside and play ball instead. Yeah! Punished for getting myself a library card!

My mother defended my right to check out books from the libraries. After having a long argument about it, the case workers finally agreed that I should be allowed to check out books since I wasn't getting a decent education at their crummy day center, no thanks to them!!!

Eventually, when I was 17 years old, I was allowed to return to school again, and I was placed in the 10th grade. This was in September of 1968. While I was in high school, at the age of 17 years, I weighed about 230 pounds, and so, I was subjected to some social pressure to get into footall. But I had absolutely no interest in sports.

Then, there was the usual peer group pressure to try drugs. I wanted nothing to do with that. I was being harassed by a couple of drug dealers. So, I went to talk to the school councilor, and I was advised to just turn them in. That was a dumb mistake! The harassment became even worse. One day, as I entered the art class, I discovered that some oil paintings I had been working on had brown paint smeared all over them. Notebooks were stolen from me and pages ripped out. The harassment became even worse, and threats were made against me. So, I had to leave school.

That was back in February of 1969. Then in April of 1969, I had an emotional and mental breakdown, and spent three weeks in the state mental hospital. I had seen patients getting beaten by the ward attendants, and it also happened to me, and then, one night, I was raped by an older man.

When I came home, three weeks later, I was in worse shape coming out than I was going in. I didn't feel like going out, and I just stayed in my room, coming out only to eat or use the bathroom, and then, going back to my room. I had become withdrawn.

My stepfather was a retired steelworker from working in the steel mill up in Duluth Minnesota, and so, he got a big Social Security check which covered our family. But as each of us kids became 18, the benefits would be cut off. I was in no condition to look for a job, so my mother applied for disability on my behalf.

I was in desperate need of some kind of psychological counseling, but none was forth coming. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, nobody believed that a guy could get raped. So, the shrink would just send me home with a prescription for tranquilizers, like Valium, which I refused to take. When I was in the state Ha Ha Hotel, we were shot up with all kinds of drugs, and I had been give a big shot of Thorazine.

So, when I came home, I was suffering withdrawal symptoms, and I had lost weight, down to 190 pounds, and I didn't want any more drugs. I felt sick for about 6 weeks during my withdrawal. Then my appetite went out of control, and in just two months, I went from 190 pounds up to 275 pounds.

Anyway, because my mother went to the social security office, and applied for disability for me, my checks continued after I turned 18, and a couple of years later, I got SSI added to my Social Security. Yeah! SSI, which I call my crazy check!

Also, back in 1969, I had to register for the draft and get a draft card, because the law required it when you became 18 years old. Yeah! Old enough to get drafted into the army, old enough to fight and die, but not old enough to vote! But I got a 4F so I did not qualify for the Army anyway, however, the law still required me to have a draft card.

Thank goodness for my getting a 4F which kept me from getting drafted, because that was back during the Viet Nam war. So, I was disqualified because of having been in a mental hospital, and I was also about 120 pounds overweight.

Naturally, I was relieved that I didn't have to go and fight, and possibly die for my country, a country where I was denied a decent education in school because I was lousy at sports, and where I had my head bashed against a brick wall by a sports-obsessed teacher in an argument over an Astronomy book that he wouldn't allow me to check out from the school library, and a country where I was beaten and raped.

Yeah! I'm so glad that I would not have been required to fight, and probably die in Viet Nam, for a country full of ingrates!

Also . . . . .



If anyone is a parasite and a leech, it's you jocks and sports fans!

The quality of education in American schools has been swirling down the crapper for decades. The curriculum has been dumbed down to make it easier for jocks to get passing grades so they can be on the football team.

Yeah! When I was in high school, as I had mentioned so many times before in the old Sports Sucks forum before it went down, I had this so-called science teacher who was also the football coach, and during football season, he was too busy coaching his team of pre-frontally lobotomized baboons to teach in the science class. So instead . . . . . he would set up the movie projector, then turn off the lights, and leave the class room, and we were all left sitting in the dark, watcing a bunch of stupid cartoons.


I didn't want to sit in the dark watching stupid cartoons!

Oh! And in English Literature class, we got to play Charades, and the only thing we were taught was how to fold paper footballs.

So, again . . . it is you jocks and sports fans who are the parasites and leeches sucking on our educational system, and you go around bullying and beating up on the science nerds and techno geeks, and you go around destroying science and art projects! And worse of all, the jocks can commit rape, and get away with it, and the victim is blamed for it instead!

You're all GARBAGE!

Getting back to the recent scandal in
Steubenville High School . . .

That young girl who was raped, and dragged unconscious from one rape party to another, she is going to have to live with the memories of that for the rest of her life.

This will probably affect her emotionally and mentally for the rest of her life. She might get so messed up in the head that she might not be able to finish her school education, and she probably won't be able to hold onto a job. She may need years of therapy to get her head together again, if ever.

Yeah! Another life ruined.

And, it goes on and on and on again and again and again in school after school after school all across the country, and nothing is ever done about it.

Steubenville Ohio has a long history of political corruption going back some 70 years, with a corrupt police force.

I should know about corrupt little towns. I lived in a corrupt little town up in Northern Minnesota. We had a Sheriff, a deputy, and only one cop, a cop who had been kicked off the police force in St. Cloud after he had beaten and raped a 12 year old girl.

Oh! But he was able to get a job as a cop in my little home town! Also, an arsonist was able to get a job as a teacher! Yeah! I'm referring to my 5th grade teacher, the one who bashed my head against the brick wall in an argument over an Astronomy book I wasn't allowed to read.

But, I was treated like a criminal just for being physically handicapped when I had committed no crimes, treated like a criminal, just for being lousy at sports!

Oh! But jocks! They can do anything they please, like rape, and even dealing drugs!

And the sports fans all bow down to worship them, forming a long line for a chance to sniff their jock straps, and to lick their boots!

You all disgust me!

Anyway . . . . .

Sometime last year, in the old Sports Sucks forum, some moronic fuck-tard with the user name Fit Man registered to post in the old forums, and the very first thing he did was to attack me, calling me a disgrace to society! And then, another moronic fuck-tard with the user name Fitman's Brother also chimed in. Then, eventually they got tired of posting and we haven't seen them since. I just hope they don't discover our new forum.

Yeah! I have NEVER committed any serious crimes, I only wanted to study science, I'm physically handicapped, and I don't like sports. Never committed any crimes, and yet, I get called a disgrace to society!

I guess if I had played football and raped somebody, then I would have gotten more respect!


I'm 61 years old now, and I have arthritis in my knees and ankles, and I have to get around in my JAZZY 614 HD power chair when I go out to do my shopping.

And, even though I haven't gone to school for many years, I'm still subject to bullying.

OK, I use the city buses to get around. Each bus can transport two wheelchair passengers. The bus kneels down, tilting toward the right, and a ramp flips over and down so that a wheelchair can enter the bus, the passenger seats in the front of the bus can be flipped up out of the way to make room for the wheelchair, and then, the wheelchair is held in place by restraining straps on the floor to keep the wheelchair from moving while the bus is in motion.

Anyway . . . . . there is this one bus driver who's a real douche-bag! He's the only one who has ever given me any problems. When I do my grocery shopping, I have a large bag hanging on the back of the seat of my power chair. This one particular bus driver, he expects me to reach around behind to bull the heavy grocery back to one side so he can get down to hook the restraining straps. Well, my left hand is crippled up, so I was unable to pull the bag to one side. All the other bus drivers don't mind doing it. So, I got put off the bus.

The first time this happened was back in November, on a Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. I was bringing some groceries home, and this one douche-bag of a bus driver does not allow wheelchair passengers to carry groceries on his bus. So, I guess we cripples have to settle for just opening up a can of beans for Thanksgiving!

Three different times this has happened to me. One evening, I was going to go to Albertson's and I only had an empty bag hanging on the back of the seat of my power chair, and he would not allow me on his bus, not even with just an empty bag!

While I was at the down town terminal, there was another lady there, a large women about my size, also in a power chair, and she told me that the same bus driver had also put her off, and would not allow her on the bus with a bag of groceries. And she mentioned to me, about a friend of her's, a young black lady in wheelchair who was also not allowed on his bus with groceries. At first, she thought it was some kind of racial thing. But now, I have three witness to the fact. No, it's not a racial thing. This bus driver does not care if you're white, black, or Hispanic. If you're in a wheelchair, he won't allow you on his bus with a bag of groceries. He hates all people in wheelchairs, regardless of race or skin color. So, he's an equal opportunity hater!

Gee! It's good to know he's not racially prejudice. He just hates us cripples!

Three different times I have complained to Sun Metro, and they won't do shit!!!

OK, I'm about to get a little bit off topic here, so, please bear with me, because, it is related to what I'm discussing here.

As you all know, before Obama got re-elected President on November 6,2012 for the previous two months, I had been hanging out at my local Democratic Headquarters on Tuesdays and Thursday, sitting at the phone bank, making calls to people in Florida because it was a critical state, and thanks to the Latino and Hispanic voters, we carried Florida!

Also, since mid February on up to November, I had donated about $360 dollars toward the Obama campaign, averaging about $36 dollars each month, and I had donated about $50 dollars of that to Union of Concerned Scientists, because I had pledged a $5 dollar monthly donation to them.

So, I have every right to be proud of what I have done. To be sure, many people have done a lot more, but I have done all I can, to the best of my ability, and I'm happy with that.

And on New Years Eve, a friend of mine from the Democratic Headquarters came over to my apartment to celebrate with me, and we were up to 4:00 AM having plenty to eat, and having some drinks to toast the New Year, and he slept overnight before going back home the following morning.

Anyway . . . . .

Even now, when I go out to do my shopping, I'm still wearing my Obama hat and Obama pin on my shirt. I'm proud to display the fact that I'm a Democrat, and that I have voted for the Big Bad Obama Man!!!

Allow me to continue . . . bear with me. I will be getting back on topic again.

Now, I enjoy talking with the bus drivers. Most of them are pretty cool, except for that one douche-bag I had mentioned earlier, but all the rest are friendly.

As I was talking with this one lady bus driver, I asked her how she enjoyed her New Years celebration, and she said that she had a good time with her family and friends. Then I mentioned how a friend of mine from the Democratic Headquarters came over, and spent the night with me, and we listened to music, watching YouTube videos, and we had a great time talking politics.

Naturally, I like to talk about how I have contributed toward the Obama campaign, and how I have donated to Union of concerned Scientists, and that next month, I'm going to pledge a $5 dollar monthly donation to NSF, National Science Foundation.

I also mentioned sitting at the phone bank at the Democratic Headquarters, doing unpaid volunteer work calling people in Florida, and how the Latino and Hispanic voters helped us to carry the state of Florida. Then I said . . . "To all the Latinos and Hispanic passengers on this bus, my thanks to you all for Obama's election victory" and some responded with cheers.

But . . . . . this one middle-aged white lady sitting toward the back of the bus, she kept hollering to me to shut up! Then I said, I'm merely expressing my opinion, as it is my right, under the First Amendment.

She became even more rude and hostile toward me.

OK . . . now . . . . . back on topic again! Sorry for the discontinuity!

As the bus came to her stop, and as she was about to get off the bus, she finally said to me . . . . .

"It doesn't matter how many good things you have done in your life, it still doesn't change the fact that you're physically handicapped!!!"

HUH? Like . . . . . SAY WHAT???

Oh! I get it now!

So, no matter how many good things I had done through out my life, it all pales in comparison to my being physically handicapped!!!

Oh! Like . . . . . being physically handicapped, is somehow, a moral failing???

OOOOOOOOOH!!! I exploded inside,and let loose with a verbal thrashing she shall long remember.



Yeah! She really got an earful before she finally got off the bus at her stop.

After she got off the bus, the bus driver agreed that it was a terrible thing that women had said to me, and there was a young Hispanic passenger sitting across the isle from me, and he got up, and gave me a friendly pat on the back, and said "Hey man! You're OK! You have a right to be proud!"

Eventually I got off at the down town terminal, and as usual, I always thank the driver when I get off the bus, then I got on the next bus to do my shopping.

But, I'll never forget the rude comment that middle-aged woman said to me from the back of the bus.

She was probably Republican, and a sports fans.

Yeah! Sometimes women sports fans can be just as bad as the guys!

And there are even some women sports fans who don't give a damn about some young girl who got raped.

So, it's not just a guy thing.

What kind of a society is this, where being physically handicapped, or being a rape victim, is considered a worse crime than rape itself?

What hath we wrought???

Big Fat Heretic
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Re: Jocks Are Deified! Rape Victims And Handicapped People Are Demonized!

Post by Earl on Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:29 am

I almost don't know what to say, but I'll give it a try . . .

Big Fat Heretic, you have suffered more abuse than anyone else I know. I can see why Stephen King locates many of his horror stories in small towns. Some people clearly experience more misfortune than others, and I don't know why . . .

The country clearly is in a moral decline. Virginity has become the new sex scandal. Social status is elevated above character. Money talks . . . well, that's always been true.

The anti-intellectualism of this country's popular culture, which can be traced back to the Thirteen Colonies, is out of control, despite the fact we live in a highly technological age. Sounds like a huge contradiction, doesn't it? Nonathletic, intellectual men have always been denigrated as effete "eggheads." Men who are scientists are ridiculed as "pencil-necked geeks." But the truth is that many of the great scientists have been men of great moral courage, often defying dictators. Some of the greatest human rights activists in recent history have been scientists, men of conscience. But they have not been appreciated in our society.

The popular culture seems to be impressed only by physical strength, but there are other kinds of strength. There is the strength of moral courage, but many people do not appreciate this trait. If the allegations are correct about the Steubenville scandal, there was a massive failure by students who were unable to resist peer pressure. No one tried to help that girl. You call that cowardice! But the popular culture does not place a high value on moral courage. Parents need to find new heroes for their children.

Machismo needs to be repudiated. Societal notions of masculinity are twisted. Empathy and compassion are deemed to be "feminine" traits, even though these traits have driven men (and women) to the point of risking their lives for others. The concept of what I would call knighthood (standing up for others) has largely been lost because people are immersed in selfishness and their own gratification.

Big Fat Heretic, I know it's easy for me to say; but instead of dwelling upon the jerks in the world, think about the decent people you have encountered, such as the ones you've mentioned in your post. But I understand how you feel. I had become so upset by Steubenville that it was affecting my sleep, which has been bad enough. I resolved to stop searching for online articles about the scandal for a while and give my mind a rest. I started to sleep better, and I even regained my sense of humor.

I will say that as a moderator of this new forum I will have even less tolerance for rude, abusive sports fans who post here. The first time one posts in this forum, I will say something like this: No one invited you to come here. You have invaded our space. We don't harass sports fans at their websites. You have a choice: You can either exercise some civility, or you will be banned. If you want to understand us, you can ask questions. You can state what it is specifically that you dislike about this website, as opposed to simply acting like a rude child; and we can talk about it in a reasonable way. You can even engage members of this forum in debate. You might even find that some of us would agree with you on some points. But if all you're here to do is just troll or make bigoted comments, you will be banned as soon as your intentions are revealed.

"You beat a woman and drag her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots? You're the fourth guy taken in the NFL draft. You kill people while driving drunk? That guy's welcome. Players caught in hotel rooms with illegal drugs and prostitutes? We know they're welcome. Players accused of rape and pay the woman to go away? You lie to police, trying to cover up a murder? We're comfortable with that.  You love another man? Well, now you've gone too far!" -- Dale Hansen, Dallas sports anchor for ABC local affiliate WFAA

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Re: Jocks Are Deified! Rape Victims And Handicapped People Are Demonized!

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:13 am

Good evening Earl

Well, I was going to wait for the other forum members to post a response here before I said anything more.

But, it appears that no one else here in interested.

This is not very encouraging.

I was expecting to get more responses to my topic.

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Re: Jocks Are Deified! Rape Victims And Handicapped People Are Demonized!

Post by Earl on Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:28 am

Of the few individuals who are registered as members of this forum, only you and I are posting with a lot of frequency at this point in time. When we've become a full-fledged website (as opposed to a newly created forum), we should get more members.

There's another possible reason to account for the absence of a greater response to your topic: Some topics raise issues or make observations that aren't debatable. Either that, or there simply isn't anything to say in response.

I wouldn't let it bother you. Be patient.

"You beat a woman and drag her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots? You're the fourth guy taken in the NFL draft. You kill people while driving drunk? That guy's welcome. Players caught in hotel rooms with illegal drugs and prostitutes? We know they're welcome. Players accused of rape and pay the woman to go away? You lie to police, trying to cover up a murder? We're comfortable with that.  You love another man? Well, now you've gone too far!" -- Dale Hansen, Dallas sports anchor for ABC local affiliate WFAA

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Re: Jocks Are Deified! Rape Victims And Handicapped People Are Demonized!

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