Two Articles: It’s Time To Face The Truth That Republicans Are Traitors and I dare call it TREASON!!! Plus: Do Infantile Minds Rule the World?

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Two Articles: It’s Time To Face The Truth That Republicans Are Traitors and I dare call it TREASON!!! Plus: Do Infantile Minds Rule the World? Empty Two Articles: It’s Time To Face The Truth That Republicans Are Traitors and I dare call it TREASON!!! Plus: Do Infantile Minds Rule the World?

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Sun Apr 12, 2015 11:01 am

OK, what is happening now in 2015, the early part of this 21st century, is far worse than what had happened under McCarthyism back in the 1950s, the middle of the 20th century.

I was born back in September 30, 1951 so I was too young to understand what politics was all about, and what McCarthyism was about. It wasn't until the mid to late 1960s, during my teenage years, when I had read about the 1950s and about McCarthyism, and when I learned about what was meant by the words "Commie" or "comsymp" which simply meant, Communist Sympathizer.

Astronomy has always been my main interest, but I got interested in what McCarthyism was all about after I had read in one of my Astronomy books from the public library, that the astronomer, Harlow Shapley, came under attack from Wisconsin Republican Senator, Joseph McCarthy.  

Harlow Shapley (November 2, 1885 - October 20, 1972), was a US astronomer, political activist, participant in the Shapley-Curtis Debate, and director of the Harvard College Observatory.

Shapley was attacked by Joseph McCarthy, who claimed Shapley was a Communist in the State Department (despite Shapley's having no connection to the State Department whatsoever). Shapley responded to the press with "the Senator succeeded in telling six lies in four sentences, which is probably the indoor record for mendacity." However, Shapley did in fact associate with people believed to be communist sympathizers. He was a friend of Henry A. Wallace, and was invited to the Progressive Party convention in Philadelphia in 1948. However, Shapley declined to speak at the convention, and though he supported Wallace personally, he was against the Progressive Party's pro-Soviet and anti-Marshall Plan stances. Wallace came in a distant third behind Truman and Dewey. Shapley never regretted his friendship with Wallace, though he made a point of criticizing the Communists and the slant of the Progressive Party.  

Read more at . . . . .

Anyway . . . . .

Harlow Shapley was not a Communist, and he actually rejected Communism, even though he had a few friends who were Communist, or at least sympathized with Communism.

So, if I have a friend, or I know somebody who's a Republican, does that also make me a Republican?


Albert Einstein was a Socialist, but that is not exactly the same a Communism. He embraced Democratic Socialism.

Most intellectuals tend to be more liberal, leaning toward the left. But that doesn't make them Commies!!!

Yeah! I remember when I was a kid in school, I was called a "Commie" or a "comsymp" just simply because I didn't like sports!!! So, I thought that I had better look it up, and really bone up on it, and read some history articles in a public library. Amazing, how even as a kid, how almost every aspect of one's life could be politicized! I was even called un-American and a "subversive" because I didn't like sports!

No, I'm just a liberal, leaning more toward Democratic Socialism, but I'm no Commie!!!

Anyway . . . . .

If you loved football, you were considered patriotic, and if you didn't like sports, you were considered unpatriotic. Saying that you hated sports was almost as bad as burning the flag!

If you were a conservative, you were patriotic, a true red white and blue American, a real Yankee Doodle Dandy!

Oh! But if you were a liberal, then you were considered un-American!

Also, according to former President bush, if you're not a Christian, then your not a true American citizen!

Oh! Really???

But now . . . . .  things have sort of gone flip-flop!

Now, it is the conservatives, or rather, the extreme ultra-conservatives, in the far-right-wing of our American Republican party, that have become the real "subversives" who are now even worse than the "Commies" or the "comsymps" had ever thought of being!  

About 57% percent of Republicans would actually like to repeal the entire Constitution of The United States, and establish a theocracy.

A theocracy would be even worse than Communism ever was!!!

So, yeah! The Republicans would like to over-throw our American government! Yeah! Sound really subversive to me!

NOW . . . who's the unpatriotic, un-American subversives??? Eh?

Oh! This is sweet! Now, we liberals, it is our turn to own patriotism, to proclaim ourselves to be the true patriots, and we can now turn around and call the ultra-right-wing conservative Republicans, un-American!!!

Yeah! Uh huh! Turn-about is fair play! What goes around, comes around!

Tit for tat, and all that!

In the meantime . . .

Please do check out the following article from Politicus USA

This was published back in February 9,2015 but very little has changed since then, if anything, it has gotten worse!

Two Articles: It’s Time To Face The Truth That Republicans Are Traitors and I dare call it TREASON!!! Plus: Do Infantile Minds Rule the World? Polusa-logo-360x86-1

It’s Time To Face The Truth That
Republicans Are Traitors

By: Rmuse
Monday, February, 9th, 2015, 8:17 pm

Two Articles: It’s Time To Face The Truth That Republicans Are Traitors and I dare call it TREASON!!! Plus: Do Infantile Minds Rule the World? Boehner-destroy-the-nation

According to the dictionary definition, a traitor is one who betrays a person, a principle, or especially their country. It is of no consequence why someone, or a group, chooses to work in opposition to their nation, or fellow citizens’ well-being, because if their intent and result of their actions is to deliberately damage or cause harm to their country or fellow citizens, they are by definition traitors. It is likely that throughout America’s short history, except for the traitorous Confederacy, no group of individuals has exhibited the characteristic betrayal of a traitor more than conservatives in general, and Republicans in particular. What makes their actions all the more despicable is that their traitorous actions are founded on racial animus for one man; and allegiance to foreigners and one tiny segment of the population.

These Republicans’ malicious, calculated, and concerted acts of betrayal of their country and its people started the evening of Barack Obama’s first inauguration and, despite his overwhelming re-election victory in 2012, they have persisted unabated and in fact continue to grow. Of course the latest blatant example of betrayal is Speaker of the House John Boehner violating a 216 year-old federal law by “joining with the leader of a foreign nation against his own president.” That was the assessment in a scathing article published in the conservative magazine Forbes that rightly asserted that Boehner “seeking to damage any  American President by helping a foreign leader can never be considered something that is best for the nation.” That comment, in a nutshell, elucidates exactly why Republicans are traitors to America; they have no regard whatsoever for “what is best for the nation” or its people. Coupled with their blatant disregard for the Constitution they swore to uphold, their opposition to what is best for the nation has become the defining characteristic of the 21st Century conservative movement and it is why they are traitors.

The Republican drive to subvert this nation and its people’s well-being began when they met and secretly plotted to undermine economic recovery after they just spent 8 long years creating the Great Recession for the benefit of the rich; including starting two wars of religious aggression. At no time in history has a group of political leaders purposely conspired to destroy the nation’s economic well-being as Republicans did on Inauguration night in January 2009. They ramped up their war on the economy in 2011 when they nearly destroyed the full faith and credit of the United States that the Constitution states “shall not be questioned,” much less deliberately decimated. The constitutional betrayal garnered America’s first credit downgrade in history and a ploy they came precariously close to repeating in 2013 when they shut down the government by betraying their Constitutional mandate to legislate for the “people’s general welfare;” all over their opposition to Americans having access to affordable healthcare. It was a betrayal of their fellow citizens, and their oath to uphold the Constitution that tasks them to pass legislation, not shut down the government or threaten a credit default. Over the past six years, Republicans have shown that their allegiance to the Constitution is as non-existent as their allegiance to this country or their fellow citizens.

Republicans have compiled a despicable record of betraying Americans by conspiring and plotting to rob them of their wealth and transferring it, by way of tax cuts, to multi-national corporations with American-sounding names; all while assisting them to avoid taxes by protecting their ill-gotten gains in foreign banks. In fact, the Republican drive to enrich another foreign entity, TransCanada, at the expense of America’s environment, the people’s health, and economy is, as Forbes noted, “something that can never be considered in the best interest for the nation;” as if any American traitor ever considered what was in the best interest of the nation. Republicans also betrayed the Constitution by conspiring with foreigners (Canadians) to undermine the Executive Branch and upset the balance of power to benefit a foreign corporation, other foreign nations’ energy needs, and two un-American John Birch devotees.

Maybe more than anything, Republicans have betrayed America by attempting to destroy the principles in the Constitution they apparently despise as much as the nation and its people. There is no greater example than a massive concerted effort to obstruct and eliminate Americans’ right to vote in states Republicans control with valuable assistance from the conservative Supreme Court; a conservative cabal that has as little regard for, or allegiance to, the Constitution or America as Republicans in Congress and the states. In fact, in what is a telling commentary about Republican’s betrayal of the Constitution, a little over a week ago two Democrats in Congress felt the pressing need to propose a Constitutional amendment to “recognize voting as a fundamental American right.” Americans already “had”  constitutionally-guaranteed fundamental voting rights, including two long-established amendments extending the right to vote to women and people of color and not just white Christian males. But those Constitutional rights are vanishing due to Republican traitors to the Constitution and America’s representative democracy.

A list detailing the myriad ways Republicans betray the Constitution is extensive beginning with supporting religious fanatics successful efforts to control women, to supporting treasonous armed anti-government militias confronting and threatening federal agents, to giving corporations supremacy over citizens, to legislating discriminatory policies denying other Americans’ their constitutionally-guaranteed equal rights. Two years ago, and many time since, Republicans called for armed rebellion against the United States government if Americans re-elected Barack Obama as their President; something that anyone would regard as traitorous including calling for for a second revolution, threatening “Second Amendment remedies” against the government, and all manner of Republican-led state legislation ininuating armed threats against federal officials enforcing federal laws.

Their traitorous acts to destroy the economy and conspire with foreigners to undermine the Separation of Powers and office of the President are also betrayals of the Constitution they swore to uphold. The Republicans’ six year crusade to destroy the nation’s economy is not only traitorous; it is unprecedented in American history and still ongoing.  One wonders, really, if there is anything about America, its Constitution, or its people Republicans will not betray to advance the interests of the rich, foreign nations, and foreign corporations.

The Constitution is very concise and clear as to the job Republicans in Congress are  expected to perform and it is primarily “to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States.” It is not to betray America by working with foreign leaders to undermine the Executive branch, not to assist foreign nations and corporations in their pursuit of profit, and not to dismantle the Constitution for theocrats and corporations. Republicans are turncoats with no interest whatsoever in what is “best for the nation” or its people. They have done nothing whatsoever over the past six years that was not an act of treachery against the American people, the Constitution, or the nation they show nothing but contempt for and it is because the people elected an African  American man as their President and in doing so exposed Republicans as traitors and enemies of state.

Yeah! Now, ain't that special!!!

The treasonous Republican party would like to make the USA into a theocracy!!!

"A list detailing the myriad ways Republicans betray the Constitution is extensive beginning with supporting religious fanatics successful efforts to control women, to supporting treasonous armed anti-government militias confronting and threatening federal agents" . . . etc. etc. etc.

Then there is this . . . . .

. . . . . "to betray America by working with foreign leaders to undermine the Executive branch, not to assist foreign nations and corporations in their pursuit of profit, and not to dismantle the Constitution for theocrats and corporations."

Yeah! I dare call it TREASON!!!

And, what is the penalty for treason???

Hmmmmmmm! Let's see now  . . . . .

U.S. Code - Title 18 - Part I - Chapter 115 - § 2381

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Yeah! The death penalty!!!

I think it's usually the firing squad.

Well . . . I would actually love to see the entire Republican party lined up with their backs against the wall.

No blind-fold, and no last cigarette!


And that's all she wrote!

Anyway . . . . .

Our American Republican party is made up of narcissistic, paranoid and delusional, psychotic sociopaths, inflicted with arrested development and with infantile minds!

Now, please do check out this next article from disorderedworld

This is really special!!!

Knowledge That Can Change The World

Two Articles: It’s Time To Face The Truth That Republicans Are Traitors and I dare call it TREASON!!! Plus: Do Infantile Minds Rule the World? Cropped-globe2

Posted on March 19, 2015

Do Infantile Minds
Rule the World?

Paranoid personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder are two of a range of personality disorders classified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association.

Personality disorders are mental disorders that are characterized by long-lasting rigid patterns of thought and behavior.

Paranoid personality disorder is characterized by pathological suspicion and an obsession with defending against enemies, both real and imaginary.

People with narcissistic personality disorder exhibit a grandiose sense of self-importance, an exhibitionistic need for constant admiration, and relationships marked by the exploitation of others.

These disorders often occur together in a single individual; a single person can exhibit both pathological paranoia and pathological narcissism.

Paranoid personality disorder has played a central role in the worst atrocities in human history. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot all exhibited the characteristics of this disorder and used paranoia as a central organizing theme in their respective political projects.

Many of the world’s most destructive tyrants also displayed the characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder. By pursuing their grandiose dreams, regardless of the consequences for others, narcissistic personalities have caused enormous damage to societies throughout history, and continue to do so.

Psychology has at last begun to alert us to the fact that such dangerous personality disorders exist. The major role that people with these disorders play in perpetuating violence and greed is also becoming clearer.

Armed with this new knowledge, we are beginning to realize the extent to which our world is shaped by infantile minds.

Prevalence and Co-morbidity

Paranoid personality disorder effects between 0.5% and 2.5% of the general population. It appears to be more prevalent among males than among females. People with this disorder can often gain positions of influence, particularly in times of danger or austerity, when their zeal in pointing the finger of blame can find a receptive audience among a frightened or disillusioned population.

Current estimates are that narcissistic personality disorder affects around 1 per cent of the general population, and it too seems to affect more males than females. Given their particular skills, and the value placed on competitiveness and triumph in contemporary society, narcissists make up a much higher proportion of those in positions of power – particularly in professions such as politics, law, business and public service. It is from these positions of influence that they too play a central role in shaping the modern world.

Shared Characteristics

Both narcissistic personality disorder and paranoid personality disorder may be understood as cases of arrested psychic development in childhood.

Narcissistic and paranoid personality disorders can both be seen as defences frozen in early childhood, which serve to defend against overwhelming shame and terror. Failure of these defences would most likely result in devastating depression and possible suicide.

For narcissists, other people are simply objects who provide praise and attention. For the paranoid, other people are enemies to be despised and eradicated.

In both cases, others are stripped of the breadth of their humanity and made to perform a single function for the disordered individual.

Two Articles: It’s Time To Face The Truth That Republicans Are Traitors and I dare call it TREASON!!! Plus: Do Infantile Minds Rule the World? 4710963051_31fd2bd873
photo credit: Victory of Intellect via photopin

Narcissism as Arrested Development

The characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder are now understood by psychoanalysts as a failure of the psyche to mature beyond the primitive fragmentation of the infantile mind.

In particular two parts of the infant’s mind, which mature in the course of normal development, remain at an arrested state of development in a person with narcissistic personality disorder. These are the ego ideal and the narcissistic self.

Freud described the ego ideal as that part of the infant’s mind which retains a belief in the child’s omnipotence. In children, and in narcissistic individuals, the ego ideal exerts relentless demands for grandiosity and perfection, and like a cruel circus trainer, it stands ever ready to pour scorn should its unattainable standards not be met.

The narcissistic self contains the child’s drive for love and admiration, and is the source of the infant’s desire to be looked at and admired. In early development, the narcissistic self has an intensity, lost in the course of normal development, which reflects the infant’s existential need for attention and terror of rejection.

The personality of someone with narcissistic personality disorder is dominated by childish exhibitionism (infantile narcissistic self) driven by unattainable internal demands for omnipotence and perfection (coming from the ego ideal).

The characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder – grandiosity, entitlement, a constant need for praise and attention, and ruthless exploitation of others – are an attempt to mollify harsh internal criticism which is constantly telling the narcissist that he or she is worthless.

Paranoia as Arrested Development

According to psychoanalyst Melanie Klein, as babies we exhibit two main states of mind, each with its own mood music.

In the first state of mind – the paranoid state – the baby feels threatened and is terrified that he is about to be attacked. Given the reality that infants are helpless and rely entirely on the protection of others, this paranoid state of mind is, for them, a wholly realistic reaction to the world.

The infant’s second state of mind is less fearful than the first. In this state the baby feels safer and his mind is more relaxed. Threatening emotions can now be held in mind long enough to be thought about and become meaningful.

The ability to hold threatening emotions in mind long enough to be thought about is known as ‘containment’. It is, in fact, one of the primary roles that parents perform for their children as they gradually come to terms with what is initially a frightening and incomprehensible world.

Making overwhelming emotion comprehensible is one of the principal means to enable adaptation to the world.

As we develop into adults the balance normally shifts, so that the paranoid state that dominates in infancy fades as our minds mature. For some individuals, however, their adult mind never matures beyond a primitive state of paranoia. For such people, those with paranoid personality disorder, the infantile paranoid state of mind continually dominates.

Crucially, in the infantile paranoid state, the infant does not sense the danger as solely coming from outside. In its earliest months the child is unable to distinguish between itself and others, so it feels the threat as coming from within itself.

Like narcissistic personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder therefore also arises from the existential need to deny or mollify an internal persecutor. In the case of paranoid personality disorder, however, the internal persecutor is telling the paranoid that it is about to destroy him.

To defend against the enemy within, people with paranoid personality disorder make widespread use of projection as a defense.  That is, they disavow their own aggressive feelings and thoughts by projecting them onto another person.

Projection allows the paranoid to deny the existence of the terrifying evil within that threatens to destroy them.

Enemies without are more bearable than a threat of annihilation arising from within.

The excessive use of projection by paranoids in their everyday interactions explains their propensity to see enemies everywhere around them.


Understanding paranoid personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder as resulting from arrested psychic development in childhood gives an insight into the psychology of these dangerous personality disorders.

And it provides support for the idea that our world is largely run by people with infantile minds.

Selected References

[1] Political Paranoia: The Psychopolitics of Hatred, Robert S. Robins and Jerrold M. Post, Yale University Press, 1997, page 24

[2] Paranoid Personality Disorder, David P. Bernstein and J. David Useda, in Personality Disorders: Towards the DSM-V, William T O’Donohue, Katherine A. Fowler and Scott O. Lilienfeld (editors), SAGE Publications, 2007

[3] Associations between four types of childhood neglect and personality disorder symptoms during adolescence and early adulthood: findings of a community-based longitudinal study. Johnson J.G., Smailes E.M., Cohen P., and Bernstein D.P., Journal of Personality Disorders, 14(2), 2000, pages 171-87

Yeah! Our great American Republican party reminds me of a bunch of God damn fucking retarded Kindergarteners who scream and jump up and down if they can't have their own way, and just want to smash things and break stuff!

Well . . . it's bad enough, going around smashing things and breaking stuff.

But, wrecking human lives is another matter entirely!

I have recently signed a petition online, to have charges dropped, that were filed against a woman in Indiana, after she had a miscarriage in which her baby was still-born, another words, born dead! She's facing 20 years in prison, just for having a miscarriage!!!

A woman in Indiana was given 20 years in prison after she had a likely miscarriage or stillbirth and sought medical help at a hospital. Purvi Patel was charged under feticide laws despite the fact that no substances were found in her body that could have harmed the fetus. In direct contradiction to this, she was also charged with felony child neglect because prosecutors said the child was technically a baby that could have survived outside the womb.

Not only did the pathologist in the case determine that the child was stillborn, the test that prosecutors used to “prove” that the child could have survived outside Patel’s body was dismissed as quackery over 100 years ago. The floating lung test they performed was done in the 17th century and is very widely regarded as invalid by actual medical professionals.

Somehow, despite all of this, Patel was still found guilty and sentenced to two decades in prison, effectively ruining her life. It’s not surprising that Patel, like the only other person in the state to be charged with feticide, is an immigrant woman of color.

This mockery of a trial has widespread ramifications. It may prevent pregnant people in Indiana, especially poor women of color, from seeking medical treatment when something goes wrong during a pregnancy as they will fear prosecution. It also shows how anti-abortion laws treat pregnant people as incubators who can’t even suggest the idea of abortion without risk of being thrown in prison for a crime they clearly didn’t commit.

This injustice cannot be allowed to stand. Patel should not have to continue to suffer through the process of appeal. By signing this petition, you’ll demand that the governor of Indiana pardon Purvi Patel of all charges immediately due to the clearly dubious methods used in the trial and lack of evidence of any wrongdoing.



Dear Governor Pence,

You’ve likely heard of Purvi Patel, an immigrant Indian woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison after she was somehow accused of both feticide and child neglect. Both charges don’t make sense, as there were no abortion drugs found in Patel’s system and the pathologist assigned to the case said that the child was stillborn and therefore was never a child that could have been neglected.

This trial was a clear farce, but could potentially ruin this woman’s entire life. You don’t recover from 20 years in prison. Evidence strongly suggests that this woman did nothing wrong and only suffered the pain and trauma of a stillbirth or miscarriage. She needs support and counseling, not to be thrown behind bars. Please open your heart and grant Purvi Patel a full pardon for the crimes she clearly did not commit.

Yeah! These right-wing retards had relied of what is called "floating lung test" which was usually done back in the 17th century, and which has been thoroughly debunked by modern medical science.

So, these right-wing-dings are still living in the 17 century! Eh?

Yeah! Uh huh! They probably also believe that the earth is flat and that the sun revolves around the earth!

If I recall my history correctly . . . . . back in the 17th century . . . . . didn't they do a test to see if a person accused of witchcraft was innocent or guilty? If the accused sank and drowned, then he/she was innocent, and if the accused floated, then he/she was guilty of witchcraft, and then, burned at the stake!

Either way, guilty or innocent, the accused was dead!

Back in the 1950s, McCarthyism worked pretty much the same way.

If you were accused of being a Communist, or a Communist sympathizer, and even if you were found NOT GUILTY, the very fact that you were accused was evidence of your guilt!

Yeah! Damned if you were, and damned if you weren't!!!

No wonder that McCarthyism back in the 1950's was euphemistically referred to as a witch hunt!!!    

And now, even though this is the year 2015, it's like were back in the 1950s again.

Only now, we don't have the A&W Drive In restaurants anymore, and we have no more jukebox music in the restaurants and bars. No! Just sports on big flat-screen TVs or FOX NEWS!!!

And of course, we have a Republican party that's still stuck back in the 17th century.

This is suppose to be the year 2015, and not 1615!!!

Fuck this shit!

I'm outta here!

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