March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14

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March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Empty March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:11 am

Every year, on March 14, or 3/14, I like to celebrate International Pi day.

March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Etc_pie031215_14839261_8col

As you all know, the Greek letter Pi is π, which is the ratio of a circle's diameter to its circumference which is approximately 3.14 when calculated to 2 decimal places. When calculated to 4 decimal places, it is 3.1415, and so, this year, being the year 2015, is kind of special because Pi day is on 3/14/15 which is 4 decimal places. This only happens once each century.

OK, all you right-wing Christard Fundie Republicans . . . Pi is NOT equal to 3!!! OK? Get that into the shit you all have for brains! OK?

I don't give a flying fucking Hootenanny in Hell what it says in the Bible.

Yeah, I know, what is says about a circular vessel that was constructed for King Solomon's Temple.

March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Screen-Shot-2013-10-25-at-5.57.16-PM

1 Kings 7:23
And he made a molten sea, ten cubits from the one brim to the other: it was round all about, and his height was five cubits: and a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about.

And again in . . . . .

2 Chronicles 4:2
Also he made a molten sea of ten cubits from brim to brim, round in compass, and five cubits the height thereof; and a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about.

Yeah! I get it! The vessel was 10 cubits in diameter and according to the BUY-BULL it measured 30 cubits around.

OK, if it were perfectly circular, it would have been slightly less the 31 and a half cubits around, more like 31.415 cubits in circumference, and NOT 30 cubits!

So, the Bible got that all wrong!!!

OK, here is a rather amusing article from the Huffington Post

Please do check this out!

March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Headshot
Ian Squires
Freelance writer

Conservative Pie: Republicans Introduce
Legislation Redefining Pi as Exactly 3

Posted: 03/21/2011 12:22 pm EDT Updated: 05/25/2011 6:40 pm EDT

Author's Note: It has come to my attention that there was a widely-discussed satiric piece by Mark Boslough published last century also premised on the notion of the value of pi being changed. Any similarity between the earlier piece and mine is purely coincidental.

Congresswoman Martha Roby (R-Ala.) is sponsoring HR 205, The Geometric Simplification Act, declaring the Euclidean mathematical constant of pi to be precisely 3. The bill comes in response to data and rankings from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, rating the United States' 15 year-olds 25th in the world in mathematics.

OECD is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011, and the Paris-based NGO released its international educational rankings, placing the US in a three-way tie for math, equaling Portugal and Ireland, just beneath No. 24 Luxembourg.

"That long-held empirical value of pi, I am not saying it should be necessarily viewed as wrong, but 3 is a lot better," said Roby, the 34-year old legislator representing Alabama's second congressional district, ushered into office in the historic 2010 Republican mid-term bonanza.

Pi has long been defined as the ratio of a circle's area to the square of its radius, a mathematical constant represented by the Greek letter "π," with a value of approximately 3.14159. HR 205 does not change the root definition, per se. The bill simply, and legally, declares pi to be exactly 3.

Roby, raised in Montgomery, Ala., is on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, and the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education.

"It's no panacea, but this legislation will point us in the right direction. Looking at hard data, we know our children are struggling with a heck of a lot of the math, including the geometry incorporating pi," Roby said. "I guarantee you American scores will go up once pi is 3. It will be so much easier."

Democrats first responded to the measure with a mixture of incredulity and amusement.

"Really?" asked George Miller (D-Calif.), the ranking member on the Education and Labor Committee. "Isn't that an awful lot like assuming only even numbers can be negative? You can't legislate math; that's like making it illegal to rain on the Fourth of July," the San Francisco Bay area representative chuckled.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) ridiculed objections from the left as further examples of classic elitist liberalism.

"Democrats don't want our children to succeed, they would actually feel better if France one day bests our kids on that test," Boehner said, unaware that, by tying Slovakia for 16th, France already does outrank the US in math. "Time after time, Democrats refuse to acknowledge American exceptionalism, and they're doing it again by trying to deny our children another tool for success."

Rep. Roby took a slightly more pragmatic stance.

"For decades, we've all been learning that pi is this crazy 'irrational' number. And any number with no end is, not, well, it makes it really hard," Roby said. "We talked about making pi 3-and-a-third, but that wouldn't really help, because you're still then stuck with endless threes."

HR 205 is expected to pass the House of Representatives but even if it also passes in the Senate -- unlikely with Democrats maintaining a slim majority -- President Obama has pledged to veto.

"I badly want to refuse to dignify HR 205 with acknowledgment, but . . . my Republican friends are serious," Obama said. "And I don't care how strongly Geometric Simplification has been polling, I just can't be responsible for that." The president added, "Unless there's something on the table. Barack Obama does love a good compromise. Maybe if Republicans will agree to let Planned Parenthood perform AIDS testing. Or just convince the Tea Party Caucus to at least publicly agree it is the Earth that revolves around the sun, and not the other way around."

New York City Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) responded to Roby's legislation with a massive brain aneurysm. Democrats are hopeful to retain his New York City seat in an April special election

Oh! I get it now!

So, Republicans (think?) that it would be easier for American school children to score higher in math if the value of Pi is simplified to 3 instead of 3.14??? Oh really???

No, that would only make America even more the laughing stock of the world than it already is!

I had no problem understanding Pi when I was a kid in school.

Yeah! When I was out the Friday evening, going up to Albertson's to get a pie to celebrate International Pi Day, I was having a nice conversation with another passenger across the isle from me.

We talked about celebrating Pi Day, and she said that she was also going to get a pie for the celebration.

Well, another passenger sitting behind me, some old coot started saying . . .  ya know, according to the Bible, the value of Pi is actually 3, so our conversation was being interrupted. I had to tell him to shut the fuck up!!!

And NO! Christians are NOT being persecuted in America! Christians are actually granted far more privileges than the rest of us. And here in Texas, religious freedom has come to mean, that employers have the right to discriminate against nonbelievers! And churches are tax exempt, and multimillionaire evangelists get their 100 room mansions, their limousines, and Lear Jets tax free. Gee! I wish I were being persecuted like that! Like, bring it on!!!    

Anyway . . . . .

I had no problem understanding Pi when I was going to school, and I didn't need to have it being equal to 3 in order to make the math easier.

Pi is approximately 22/7 which is  3.1428571428571428571428571428571 a repeating decimal, a rational number, where as the actual value  of Pi to the same number of decimal places is 3.1415926535897932384626433832795 a non-repeating decimal, or an irrational number, but not as irrational as Republicans tend to be!

OK, that was 2/3 of a pun! PU!

Anyway . . . . .

Here is Pi calculated to 10,000 decimal places.

Pi, or  π = 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679 8214808651 3282306647 0938446095 5058223172 5359408128 4811174502 8410270193 8521105559 6446229489 5493038196 4428810975 6659334461 2847564823 3786783165 2712019091 4564856692 3460348610 4543266482 1339360726 0249141273 7245870066 0631558817 4881520920 9628292540 9171536436 7892590360 0113305305 4882046652 1384146951 9415116094 3305727036 5759591953 0921861173 8193261179 3105118548 0744623799 6274956735 1885752724 8912279381 8301194912 9833673362 4406566430 8602139494 6395224737 1907021798 6094370277 0539217176 2931767523 8467481846 7669405132 0005681271 4526356082 7785771342 7577896091 7363717872 1468440901 2249534301 4654958537 1050792279 6892589235 4201995611 2129021960 8640344181 5981362977 4771309960 5187072113 4999999837 2978049951 0597317328 1609631859 5024459455 3469083026 4252230825 3344685035 2619311881 7101000313 7838752886 5875332083 8142061717 7669147303 5982534904 2875546873 1159562863 8823537875 9375195778 1857780532 1712268066 1300192787 6611195909 2164201989 3809525720 1065485863 2788659361 5338182796 8230301952 0353018529 6899577362 2599413891 2497217752 8347913151 5574857242 4541506959 5082953311 6861727855 8890750983 8175463746 4939319255 0604009277 0167113900 9848824012 8583616035 6370766010 4710181942 9555961989 4676783744 9448255379 7747268471 0404753464 6208046684 2590694912 9331367702 8989152104 7521620569 6602405803 8150193511 2533824300 3558764024 7496473263 9141992726 0426992279 6782354781 6360093417 2164121992 4586315030 2861829745 5570674983 8505494588 5869269956 9092721079 7509302955 3211653449 8720275596 0236480665 4991198818 3479775356 6369807426 5425278625 5181841757 4672890977 7727938000 8164706001 6145249192 1732172147 7235014144 1973568548 1613611573 5255213347 5741849468 4385233239 0739414333 4547762416 8625189835 6948556209 9219222184 2725502542 5688767179 0494601653 4668049886 2723279178 6085784383 8279679766 8145410095 3883786360 9506800642 2512520511 7392984896 0841284886 2694560424 1965285022 2106611863 0674427862 2039194945 0471237137 8696095636 4371917287 4677646575 7396241389 0865832645 9958133904 7802759009 9465764078 9512694683 9835259570 9825822620 5224894077 2671947826 8482601476 9909026401 3639443745 5305068203 4962524517 4939965143 1429809190 6592509372 2169646151 5709858387 4105978859 5977297549 8930161753 9284681382 6868386894 2774155991 8559252459 5395943104 9972524680 8459872736 4469584865 3836736222 6260991246 0805124388 4390451244 1365497627 8079771569 1435997700 1296160894 4169486855 5848406353 4220722258 2848864815 8456028506 0168427394 5226746767 8895252138 5225499546 6672782398 6456596116 3548862305 7745649803 5593634568 1743241125 1507606947 9451096596 0940252288 7971089314 5669136867 2287489405 6010150330 8617928680 9208747609 1782493858 9009714909 6759852613 6554978189 3129784821 6829989487 2265880485 7564014270 4775551323 7964145152 3746234364 5428584447 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6034891390 9562009939 3610310291 6161528813 8437909904 2317473363 9480457593 1493140529 7634757481 1935670911 0137751721 0080315590 2485309066 9203767192 2033229094 3346768514 2214477379 3937517034 4366199104 0337511173 5471918550 4644902636 5512816228 8244625759 1633303910 7225383742 1821408835 0865739177 1509682887 4782656995 9957449066 1758344137 5223970968 3408005355 9849175417 3818839994 4697486762 6551658276 5848358845 3142775687 9002909517 0283529716 3445621296 4043523117 6006651012 4120065975 5851276178 5838292041 9748442360 8007193045 7618932349 2292796501 9875187212 7267507981 2554709589 0455635792 1221033346 6974992356 3025494780 2490114195 2123828153 0911407907 3860251522 7429958180 7247162591 6685451333 1239480494 7079119153 2673430282 4418604142 6363954800 0448002670 4962482017 9289647669 7583183271 3142517029 6923488962 7668440323 2609275249 6035799646 9256504936 8183609003 2380929345 9588970695 3653494060 3402166544 3755890045 6328822505 4525564056 4482465151 8754711962 1844396582 5337543885 6909411303 1509526179 3780029741 2076651479 3942590298 9695946995 5657612186 5619673378 6236256125 2163208628 6922210327 4889218654 3648022967 8070576561 5144632046 9279068212 0738837781 4233562823 6089632080 6822246801 2248261177 1858963814 0918390367 3672220888 3215137556 0037279839 4004152970 0287830766 7094447456 0134556417 2543709069 7939612257 1429894671 5435784687 8861444581 2314593571 9849225284 7160504922 1242470141 2147805734 5510500801 9086996033 0276347870 8108175450 1193071412 2339086639 3833952942 5786905076 4310063835 1983438934 1596131854 3475464955 6978103829 3097164651 4384070070 7360411237 3599843452 2516105070 2705623526 6012764848 3084076118 3013052793 2054274628 6540360367 4532865105 7065874882 2569815793 6789766974 2205750596 8344086973 5020141020 6723585020 0724522563 2651341055 9240190274 2162484391 4035998953 5394590944 0704691209 1409387001 2645600162 3742880210 9276457931 0657922955 2498872758 4610126483 6999892256 9596881592 0560010165 5256375678

It actually goes on and on forever and ever. So, Pi is a transcendental number. The more decimal places, the closer you get to its true value without ever quite reaching it. That's because Pi has an infinite number of digits!!!

If I'm correct, Pi has been calculated to about two quadrillion, that is 2,000,000,000,000,000 decimal places with computers. The feat was achieved using 1,000 of company's cloud servers running Apache Hadoop software and took 23 days to complete! Yeah! A thousand computers had to be linked together to accomplish this.

The highest number of digits anyone has ever memorized was about 100,000 digits, and it took him 16 hours to recite the number!

Akira Haraguchi (原口 證 Haraguchi Akira?) (born 1946), a retired Japanese engineer, currently working as a mental health counselor and business consultant in Mobara City, is known for memorizing and reciting digits of pi.

He claims to hold the current world record (100,000 digits) in 16 hours, starting at 9 a.m (16:28 GMT) on October 3, 2006 and having recited up to 83,431 digits by nightfall, stopping with digit number 100,000 at 1:28 a.m. on October 4, 2006. The event was filmed in a public hall in Kisarazu, east of Tokyo, where he had five-minute breaks every two hours to eat Onigiri to keep up his energy levels. Even his trips to the toilet were filmed to prove that the exercise was legitimate. Haraguchi's previous world record (83,431), was performed from July 1, 2005 to July 2, 2005.

Despite Haraguchi's efforts and detailed documentation, the Guinness World Records have not yet accepted any of his records set. The Guinness-recognized number of remembered digits of π is 67,890 digits, held by Lu Chao, a 24-year-old graduate student from China who remains the world record holder. It took him 24 hours and 4 minutes to recite to the 67,890th decimal place of π without an error.

Haraguchi views the memorization of pi as "the religion of the universe", and as an expression of his lifelong quest for eternal truth.
Well . . . back in 1978, when I was going to college, I had once memorized Pi up to about 50 digits, and then I gave up. Of course, I had eventually forgotten it. I thought it was a bloody waste of time.

OK, using 3.14 is good enough. For example: The earth is 7,920 miles in diameter. And the earth's circumference around the equator is 7,920 x Pi, or 7,920 X 3.14 = 24,868.8 miles.

There are 5,280 feet in a mile. So, 24,868.8 x 5,280 = 131,307,264 feet in circumference.

Well . . . Pi = 3.14 is good enough. But, if you want to know the circumference down to the fraction of an inch, then you can go with Pi = 3.14159265358979323846 or as many digits as you like, which becomes quite redundant!!!

So, again, Pi = 3.14 is good enough. Also, the earth is not a perfect sphere anyway. It has high spots like mountains and low spots like valleys and canyons. So, why the Hell would you need to know the exact size of the earth's circumference down to the exact fraction of an inch?

Anyway . . . . .

Here's a couple of YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure.

History of Pi

And for your listening pleasure.

Mathematical Pi (Full Song)  

And so . . . . .

I had bought myself a cherry pie from Albertson's and I had the Greek letter Pi π placed on top with blue cake decorator squeezed from a tube.

So, I'm going to have some Pi!!!

And once again, ya Republican retards . . . . . Pi is not equal to 3!!! OK???  
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March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Empty Re: March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14

Post by Mrs. Earl on Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:19 am

Big Fat Heretic, you spewed out a lot of verbiage and numbers in an attempt to make yourself appear knowledgeable about math.  You failed in your goal.  

Let me just take one point.  Have you ever heard the term “significant figures”?  When you say the diameter of the earth is 7,920 miles, you limit the accuracy of your calculations to three significant figures.  It does not matter whether you multiply 7,920 by 3.14 or 3.14159 or 3.1415926 or the value of pi to a hundred decimal places.  Your answer is still only accurate to three significant figures.  Therefore, when you say the circumference of the earth is 24,868.8 miles, you are not being accurate.  Your calculations are only accurate to three significant figures.  When you say you can figure the circumference of the earth to the nearest fraction of an inch, you are not being accurate.  This has nothing to do with the fact that the earth is not a perfect sphere.  This has to do with the fact that your calculations are only accurate to three significant figures.  Every scientist understands this principle.

As for your ridiculous attack upon the Bible, I’d like to make three points.  

The first point has to do with reading comprehension.  Nowhere in either I Kings 7:23 or 2 Chronicles 4:2 does the phrase “a perfect circle” appear.  You came up with that phrase and added it to the text.  Instead, the Bible describes the object as being round.  The pie you ate on Pi Day was round, but I doubt that it was a perfect circle.  Biscuits are round, but they are not perfect circles.  Donuts are round, but they are not perfect circles.  I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

Secondly, even if we were to assume that the Bible is describing the dimensions of this object with the scientific precision that is used to measure intricate machinery, we would still be left with the fact that the Bible says this object is 10 cubits across.  Remember significant figures?  The 10 in “10 cubits” has one significant figure.  Therefore, any calculations using the 10 cubits will only be accurate to one significant figure.  30 falls under this criterion.  31.415 does not.

Thirdly, there is the fact that when normal everyday people talk about the dimensions of a huge bronze bowl, they are more likely to say it is ten cubits across and thirty cubits around than to give precise scientific measurements.

Let me give an illustration of this principle.  Let’s suppose I decide to make a chocolate cake in the traditional cylindrical style and that I decide to decorate it with maraschino cherries.  First, I place a row of cherries from one end of the cake to the other.  This would be the diameter of the top circle of the cake.  Suppose, then, someone were to ask me, “How many cherries will you need to go all the way around the top of the cake?”  I would respond, “I will need three times as many cherries as I have already used.”  I would not say, “I will need 3.1415926 times as many cherries as I have already used.”

In the past I have repeatedly asked you to be considerate of Earl since you claim to be his friend, and you have informed me that you will continue to only consider yourself.  I must then come to the conclusion that to continue asking you would be, indeed, to cast my pearls before swine.  Therefore, I am issuing you a challenge on my own behalf.  You continually disparage the intelligence and education of Christians.  I am a Christian.  I believe in the literal inspiration of the Bible.  And I will match my academic credentials to yours any day of the week.  So, now prove to me you’re superior.
Mrs. Earl
Mrs. Earl
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March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Empty Re: March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:14 am

OK, bottom line . . . . .

I really don't care what people believe as long as they don't force their beliefs on other people, or into public education.

But, I have a real problem, when right-wing politicians think that they can legislate what can be taught or not taught in our public schools, and think that they can legislate what the value of mathematical constants should be.

If people want to believe that Pi=3 instead of 3.1415 . . . etc. etc. then, that is their prerogative. But they have no business attempting to rewrite math books to suit their beliefs.    

And yes, some people have used the Bible to interpret that Pi=3 and have attempted to change what is in the textbooks.

That's when I have a real problem!!!

OK, this is a real hot-button issue for me.

Remember . . . how I have mentioned so many time before, in these forums, how in school, I got my head bashed against a brick wall in an argument over an Astronomy book that I was not allowed to check out from the school library!!!

And now, we have politicians wanting to force their moronic fairy tales into public school science classes.

NO! The earth is NOT a mere 6,000 years old, it is in FACT 4.5 BILLION years old, the universe is about 13.8 BILLION years old, and evolution is a FACT!!!

And Pi is NOT equal, to 3!!!

Every time I read in the news about, or hear about what some right-wing idiots are trying to do, it gives me a headache!

It triggers off some really bad memories!
Big Fat Heretic
Big Fat Heretic
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March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Empty Re: March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14

Post by Earl on Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:54 pm

Simplifying Pi?: Article a Hoax, But Hits Close to Home
by Jennifer Welsh   |   March 24, 2011 04:27pm ET

March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 3.14159

A satiric article by Ian Squires at the Huffington Post claims that Republican congresswoman Martha Roby is sponsoring a bill, allegedly named HR 205: The Geometric Simplification Act, that would legally define pi as 3 (instead of 3.14159…), to "make math easier for our children." Of course "The Onion"-esque article is fake, but it almost hits too close to home.

"Hopefully the government wouldn't actually get involved in this," said Samuel Rankin, associate executive director of the American Mathematical Society. "This is not something that should be up for legislation."

The article is obviously a hoax, though Roby did have to announce that fact on her website: "The 'Pi' story is a hoax and is untrue. It was written by a liberal blogger in the comedy section of the Huffington Post. No such bill exists, as evidenced by a quick check of Thank you for not falling for the joke (even though it is humorous)."

The identically numbered HR 205 bill was introduced in 2009 and aims to repeal several death-related taxes, but it never made it out of committee.

In a political climate that has repeatedly denounced and distorted science — including issues ranging from climate change to evolution —  this piece of comedic fiction almost becomes unfunny in the sad truth that lies in its message.

It also speaks to United States'  ranking in science and math education around the world. For instance, in the most recent report from the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), researchers found that in math, U.S. fourth-graders placed 11th out of 36 countries tested while eighth-graders scored ninth out of 48 countries. In science, U.S. fourth-graders placed eighth and eighth-graders were 11th.

While life might be much easier if pi were a "normal" round number, its oddity is what makes it special. As far as we know, the string of random numbers continues on forever. The furthest digit anyone has ever calculated was the 5-trillionth digit, discovered in 2010. It took 90 days to calculate on a specially built desktop computer. That digit is a 2.

One of the strangest facts about pi is that since we can't really know its exact value (since it never ends), we can't actually know the exact circumference (the distance around the outside edge) of any circle, whose mathematical formula includes pi. Most approximations past a half-dozen digits do the trick for most applications, but fully rounding pi to 3 would ruin its use in almost any application, scientists say.

But pi isn't just a number that helps high-schoolers define the area and circumference of circles. It shows up pretty much everywhere in math, science and engineering. Pi plays a role in Einstein's equations of general relativity and the Greeks used it to build their buildings. (For instance, if a Greek builder wanted to construct a column, pi would help him or her figure out the amount of cement needed to fill the structure.)

"This is not a number someone just made up. It's a ratio between the circumference of a circle and the diameter," Rankin told LiveScience. "I suppose when people don't understand things, they want to get them changed."

Actually, the numbers that make up pi are so long and so random you can find virtually any number within them, including your Social Security or bank account numbers. You can search for yours in the first 200 million digits on this pi search website.

Joke or not, pi is much too special to let silly little laws get in the way. Actually, that lesson was already learned in 1897, when the Indiana General Assembly actually did try to legislate pi, by introducing a bill — which came to be known as the Indiana Pi Bill — that claimed a method to "square the circle" (a now-debunked way of estimating pi) a full 15 years after scientists declared it impossible. The bill would have passed if Purdue University professor C.A. Waldo hadn't been there to refute it.

Luckily the imaginary bill isn't real. Yet.

You can follow LiveScience staff writer Jennifer Welsh on Twitter @microbelover.

"You beat a woman and drag her down a flight of stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots? You're the fourth guy taken in the NFL draft. You kill people while driving drunk? That guy's welcome. Players caught in hotel rooms with illegal drugs and prostitutes? We know they're welcome. Players accused of rape and pay the woman to go away? You lie to police, trying to cover up a murder? We're comfortable with that.  You love another man? Well, now you've gone too far!" -- Dale Hansen, Dallas sports anchor for ABC local affiliate WFAA

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March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Empty Re: March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14

Post by Mrs. Earl on Tue Mar 17, 2015 1:55 am

Interesting article, Earl.  Of course, being a science website, it’s not surprising they investigated the facts to find out the truth of the matter.  They are not like Big Fat Heretic, who tends to believe any story no matter how ridiculous as long as it falls into line with his preconceived notions.  I wonder if he thought Jonathan Swift was serious about using babies to feed the poor.

By the way, Big Fat Heretic, I noticed that you completely ignored everything I said in response to your OP.  So, I will ask you another question, which you will probably also ignore.  According to this article that Earl posted from this science website, in a recent study U.S. fourth-graders ranked 8th and eighth-graders ranked 11th in science worldwide.  Seeing that evolutionists have controlled the science curriculum in this country for the last 40 years, why do you think the ranking is so low?

By the way, evolution is not a fact.  It is a belief system based upon certain unprovable assumptions.  If you want to believe those assumptions, that’s fine.  But don’t parade them as fact.  They are beliefs.  And when you say that you don’t care what other people believe, you know you are not being honest.  If you truly didn’t care, you would not derail every topic that is started in this forum by spewing your vitriol.  I truly believe that if someone started a topic on cute puppies, you would immediately come in and post something about creation, evolution, fundamentalists, Republicans, conservatives, and how you got thrown against a wall when you were in the fifth grade.  
Mrs. Earl
Mrs. Earl
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March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Empty Re: March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:18 am

Good evening Earl and Mrs. Earl:

Thank you Earl for your response!!!

OK, in your response, it says . . .

Joke or not, pi is much too special to let silly little laws get in the way. Actually, that lesson was already learned in 1897, when the Indiana General Assembly actually did try to legislate pi, by introducing a bill — which came to be known as the Indiana Pi Bill — that claimed a method to "square the circle" (a now-debunked way of estimating pi) a full 15 years after scientists declared it impossible. The bill would have passed if Purdue University professor C.A. Waldo hadn't been there to refute it.

Yeah! I knew it! I knew it!

Someone actually did try to legislate the value of Pi!!! So, I was right!

Yes, I know there are a number of satirical articles about attempts by politicians to legislate Pi, but thanks to you, for posting about an actual case.

I knew there was an actual case. I had been searching for it, and you found it!

Thank you Earl!!!

Anyway . . . . . I know for a fact that politicians have been trying to legislate what scientists, climatologists can or can not say about climate change, global warming, and sea level rises.


According to climate scientists, sea levels are due to rise another meter or so by the year 2100, and that is a fact!!!

Their estimates are based on the average, annual sea level rises since the turn of the century, and it has been updated from earlier estimates that had been made back in the 1940s.

Oh! But in the state of North Carolina, back in 2012, Republican politicians wanted to legislate what climatologists can publicly say about sea level rises, that they can only state publicly about sea levels rises based on the older estimates from the 1940s and NOT on the more recent estimates, and that if climatologists persist in using the newer estimates, they could face fines or even imprisonment!

Yeah! Scientists were being told to shut the fuck up about sea  level rises.

Fortunately . . . . . saner minds prevailed, and the legislation did not pass.

So . . . . . when was the last time a scientist was told to shut the fuck up???

No, don't tell me, let me guess . . . thinking . . . thinking . . . thinking . . .

Oh! I know! It was back in the 1600s when Galileo was publicly stating that the earth and all the planets revolved around the sun. This was back when according to Catholic church doctrine, the sun and planets was believed to revolve around the earth.

So, Galileo was called before the Holy Office of the Inquisition, and was issued his official Shut The Fuck Up papers and told to never publicly state that the earth and planets revolved around the sun.

Galileo was eventually placed under house arrest for the remainder of his life.

And . . . . . Republicans, back in 2012, in North Carolina wanted to pass legislation telling climatologists to shut the fuck up about the 1 meter sea level rise by 2100, and threatening them with fines and imprisonment!

So, Republicans still have their heads in the past and up their asses! It's obviously that they did not learn anything from history. I knew more about history when I was only in grade school, and history wasn't even my best subject! That is, until I got interested in Renaissance history after reading about Copernicus and Galileo, and Bruno Giordano who was burned at the stake in 1600.  

Oh, and here's more!

You're gonna love this!

In the state of Florida, Republican Governor, Rick Scott, wants to ban any mention of climate change and global warming. I will be posting more about this in another topic later on tonight.

So, once again, scientists are being told to shut the fuck up!

Oh! Here's another FACT!!!

Back in 2013, CO2 levels hit 400 parts per million, the highest it's been for the past 5 MILLION years!

And NO! The earth is NOT a mere 6,000 years old, but is actually 4.5 BILLION years old! I don't give a fuck about what people think is in the bible! OK? The Bible actually doesn't say how old the earth is.

Also, the earth has gone through many natural cycles of global warming and global cooling. The last Ice Age ended about 60,000, that's  SIXTY-THOUSAND years ago, about 10 times the age of 6,000 years as believed by so many Christian fundamentalists.

And, it is estimated that there were only about 2,000 humans left on the planet back then. YES! Our species was on the verge of becoming extinct, 60,000 years ago. Lucky for us, our ancestors survived, or else, we would not be here talking about it.

Yes, the earth has gone through several cycles of global warming and cooling. But this most recent cycle of global warming is being caused by us humans! THAT IS A FACT!!!

And Republicans want to ban any public mention of it by climate scientists.

Oh! By the way . . . the year 2014 was the hottest year on record since 1880 when climatologists started keeping such yearly records. THAT IS A FACT!!!

OK, now I'm going to respond to Mrs Earl . . .

But, first . . . I want both of you to go to this topic I posted back in February 12th.

The topic is titled . . . . .

February 12,2015 - I celebrated the 206th birthday of Charles Darwin, with these 17 YouTube videos, The Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism!

And I hope you guys watch the videos and read the transcripts. OK?

OK, Mrs. Earl . . .

You said . . .

By the way, evolution is not a fact.  It is a belief system based upon certain unprovable assumptions.  If you want to believe those assumptions, that’s fine.  But don’t parade them as fact.  They are beliefs.

OK, that is exactly what people like Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, and Eric Hovind, the son of jailbird, Kent Hovind have also been saying.

Uh, Kent Hovind, is currently serving a 10 year sentence for tax evasion and fraud, and he's due to be released sometime this year. Oh! But now, he's got some additional charges being filed against him for mail fraud. So, he may have to do some more time in the slammer!

And NO! He is not being persecuted for his Christian Fundamentalist Creationist beliefs. He was prosecuted, NOT persecuted, but prosecuted in a court of law, for tax evasion and fraud!!! NOT for being a Christian! OK???

Also, Kent Hovind believes that he only has to obey God's laws and not man's laws. So, he doesn't believe in abiding by the speed limits when driving, that he may drive 160 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone zone if he pleases, and he doesn't believe in stopping for red lights. Why? Because those are only man's laws and not God's laws!

Anyway . . . . . . . I'm just saying . . . .

Sorry . . . . . but evolution is a FACT!

DNA proves it!

Please watch the videos and read the transcripts.

Here is a brief statement from one of the transcripts . . .

"Judgements of law are based on a preponderance of evidence, and genetic evidence is so reliable, it can get a life or death sentence even without need of other types of evidence to corroborate it. So the fingerprints of mutation in molecular phylogeny are not only profound evidence of evolution, they amount to legal proof of it."

OK, Texas Governor, Rick Perry, once allowed an innocent man to be executed for a murder he did not commit. The DNA evidence collected proved that the accused was never at the crime scene.

But, Rick Perry, being a christian Fundamentalist, rejected the scientific evidence, because DNA also proves EVOLUTION!!! So, because of his ignorance, he allowed an innocent man to be executed by lethal injection on the gurney.

Rick Perry loves the gurney, because, with the arm-rests extended out to the sides . . . . .

March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Lethal-injection1

. . . it looks like a cross!!!


NO! Evolution is not just a belief or a world view.

I don't give a damn what Ray Comfort, Ken Ham, Kirk Cameron, Eric Hovind, or jailbird Kent Hovind have to say!

OK, I really don't care how angry you guys get with me. I'm not going to call you guys names, or anything like that, but I'm going to say this!

Ray Comfort, Ken Ham, Kirk Cameron, Eric Hovind, and Kent Hovind are brainwashing child molesters!

NO! I don't mean sexually (although I wouldn't put that past them) but I mean, they like to mind-rape little children before they are old enough to think for themselves.

YES! Religion is child abuse!!!

And also . . . if any of these child molesting, brain washing, mind rapists were to come into my hood, that is, my home turf (I'm talking ghetto here, because I live in a cute little ghetto) I will drop a dime on them and buzz for the fuzz!!!

And I hope that a cop applies the choke-hold to anyone of these child molesting, mind raping pervos!!!

In that case, I would say . . . GOOD FOR THAT COP!!!

Sorry . . . . . but evolution is a fact! DNA proves it. More and more transitional fossils are being found every year. So, one by one, the "gaps" are being filled in.

Again, I quote from what you had said . . .

By the way, evolution is not a fact.  It is a belief system based upon certain unprovable assumptions.  If you want to believe those assumptions, that’s fine. But don’t parade them as fact. They are beliefs.

The Catholic church once said something (not those exact words) like that to Galileo, and of course, as we all know, Galileo turned out to be right.

No, these are NOT beliefs, these are FACTS, backed by evidence collected over the past 150 years!!!

Sorry again  . . .  but the Bible just gets everything wrong!

When you say that evolution is just a belief, you're just regurgitating the same exact things that these child molesters and jailbirds are saying!

OK, through out the rock layers in the geological column . . . . . how do you account for the FACT that fossils of more primitive life forms appear in the lower and much older layers while fossils of more advanced and complex life forms appear in the newer upper layers? You will NEVER find a fossil of a bunny rabbit in Precambrian rock layers, and you will NEVER find human fossils in the same rock layers as dinosaur fossils.

The rock layers show older life forms going extinct in the deeper layers and being replaced by newer life forms in the upper layers. How do you account for that?

Do you actually believe that plants and animals were just magically poofed into existence out of nothing???

Sorry, but I'm too old to believe in magic!

Unprovable assumptions??? REALLY???

Go read some books on the subject, and watch these videos, and read the transcripts.

Of course, you guys might be intimidated by Aron Ra with his deep baritone voice.

But I find the whinny wimpy pipsqueak little voices of Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, Eric Hovind, and Jailbird Kent Hovind most irritating, like fingernails across a blackboard!  

Also, I don't believe the garbage being spewed forth by these multi-millionaire Bible thumping moronic horn-kickers, sitting in their nice comfortable air-conditioned offices, just pulling crap form their bibles, and throwing it in our faces!

NO! I listen to the paleontologist who goes out into a hot desert, or some cold Arctic region digging for fossils, or the geologists who go out and get their hands dirty, and for just 1/100th the pay that Christard Fundies get for pushing their infantile fairy tales over the Internet or on the boob tube!

And also, I listen to the professional Astronomer who sits alone high up on a mountain top in the cold dark nights freezing his butt off, again, for just 1/100th the pay that a bible thumping horn-kicker gets who just sits in a nice comfortable office, and getting everything tax free!!!

These multi-millionaire Bible thumpers are just whiny little wussies!

I would love to see them in a confrontation with some one like Neil deGrasse Tyson, at 6 feet 2 inches, and 290 pounds. Neil deGrasse Tyson would kick their sorry little butts up between their shoulder blades with one of his size 13 boots, and they would walk funny for the rest of their pathetic little lives!
OK, Mrs. Earl . . .

Again I quote . . .

According to this article that Earl posted from this science website, in a recent study U.S. fourth-graders ranked 8th and eighth-graders ranked 11th in science worldwide.  Seeing that evolutionists have controlled the science curriculum in this country for the last 40 years, why do you think the ranking is so low?

Oh really??? Evolutionists didn't control the curriculum in my high school. NO! The curriculum was controlled by the school's football coach!

Uh, evolution is taught in many many schools overseas, in the UK, and in Japan, and in Norway, and Sweden, etc. etc. and evolution is much more widely accepted by the general population in those countries, and their students score much higher in science, math, and reading skills. So, evolution is very much in their science curriculum. So, why do you suppose their ranking is so much higher???

Oh! And when I was in high school, I didn't learn a damn thing about evolution!

As I have mentioned, over and over again and again in these forums, in high school, my so-called science teacher was also the football coach. And he was too damn busy coaching his team or drooling, slack-jaw, moronic pre-frontally lobotomized baboons to teach in the classroom. No, he would set up the movie projector, and leave the classroom, and we just watched a bunch of stupid cartoons! No evolution taught in my school!!!

So, everything I learned about evolution was from checking out books in a public library.

Also, in the blue states, high school students are taught more about evolution, and they score much higher. But in the red states, the quality of education is down the crapper, and students are learning less about evolution, and just about everything else, and in the red states, students score much lower.

Again . . . quoting something you had said . . .

I truly believe that if someone started a topic on cute puppies, you would immediately come in and post something about creation, evolution, fundamentalists, Republicans, conservatives, and how you got thrown against a wall when you were in the fifth grade.

No, I like cute puppies, although, I'm a cat person myself.

I prefer cats. I wish I had a cat now. But I live in public housing.

Also, you don't own a cat. The cat owns you.

When I lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico, I had a cat, or rather, the cat had me. I was the cat's pet human!

Yeah! If you have a cat, the cat is not your pet, you are the cat's pet!

That's just the way it is with cats.

Anyway . . . . .

My being thrown against the brick wall when I was in the 5th grade in an argument over an Astronomy book that I was not allowed to read . . . that was a test case, an indicator of the shape of things to come in the future.

Now, Republicans want to throw professional scientists into prison for talking about sea level rises and climate change, and global warming, which happens to be very well established scientific FACTS!!!

The big black 6 foot 2 inch 290 pound astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, who also talks about climate change and global warming, I dare any right-wing Republican to try to throw Neil deGrasse Tyson up against the wall. Neil would kick his can up into his brain-case so hard that he would have to take off his hat to shine his shoes!!!

Also, if you listen to the videos by Aron Ra, that I had mentioned earlier . . . he is also big and bad with his deep baritone voice, and he can easily put down any pathetic wimpy fairy tale believing infantile little Fundie!

Yeah! You guys will probably get mad it me for what I had been saying here.

But everything I have said is a FACT!

As Sargent Joe Friday of Dragnet would always say . . .

. . . . . just the facts mam, just the facts!

Da, da da da! Da, da da da, daaaaaaa!!!
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March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Empty Re: March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14

Post by Mrs. Earl on Fri Mar 20, 2015 3:18 am

Once again, Big Fat Heretic waves his hands and declares that table is a dog.

First, the article that Earl posted in no way validates the claims you made in your original post.  You claimed that a U.S. Congresswoman in the 21st century recently introduced a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives to redefine pi to be equal to 3.  The article that Earl posted pointed out more than once that this was an absolute lie.  The fact that the article also mentions that some state representatives in Indiana actually tried to do this 118 years ago in no way vindicates your hysterical conclusions.  Only someone who argues like Ann Coulter would think it did.  (She claims that Democrats today are responsible for the racists actions of Democrats 70 years ago.)

Secondly, you claim that my statements about evolution are a mere parroting of things said by Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, etc.  For your information, the only one of these men I had ever even heard of before you mentioned them was Ken Ham; and the only time I had ever heard of him was when I listened to that ridiculous debate between him and Bill Nye.  You remember that debate:  the one in which they both came off looking like a pair of fools.  No, my assertion that belief in evolution is based upon unprovable assumptions is derived from my years of studying biology, evolution, and mathematics.  Unlike you, my parents taught me to think for myself and draw my own conclusions.

Thirdly, since your attempt to deny my assertion that evolutionists have controlled the science curriculum in this country for the last 40 years is based entirely on your own personal experience with a high-school football coach 50 years ago, I must assume that you did not take a biology class during the three years in which you attended college.  I, on the other hand, did take biology in college.  My classes were filled with evolution.  So was the state-issued textbook I used when I taught biology.  So were the classes my daughters took in both high school and college.  In fact, in high school when my younger daughter took AP biology, the curriculum required them to spend six to eight weeks studying the life of Charles Darwin.  When she took biology in college, the professor spent four class periods studying the life of Charles Darwin.  This class was, by the way, the class required for all biology majors.

Finally, since you spent a great deal of time talking about how big and strong Neil deGrasse Tyson is and how easily he could beat up weaker men, should I assume that you no longer believe that all athletes are imbeciles who should go back to kindergarten and that it is wrong for athletes to bully other people?  After all, Neil deGrasse Tyson is an athlete as was, by the way, Charles Darwin.
Mrs. Earl
Mrs. Earl
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March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Empty Re: March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Fri Mar 20, 2015 6:41 am

Good evening Mrs. Earl:

OK, when I was going to college, from 1975 to 1978, I had to spend a couple of semesters taking remedial math courses in Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry to make up for what I should have learned in high school.

I was in high school for only 1 semester and only half of the second semester, from September 1968 to March 1969, and it was back in April of 1969 when I had an emotional breakdown and spent three weeks in the state hospital, where I had been sexually molested by an older man. I was 17 years old at the time.

And yes, during the 1970s, I did pass those math courses in college with a B+ average, but I was unable to get fully caught up in everything else, and was unable to finish my degree because of my financial situation.

Also, I never had a chance to lean calculus. I think you once mentioned that you had calculus. So, you have one up on me in that regard.

I took physics and chemistry, but most of what I had learned about biology and evolution I had learned on my own from reading college level books from the University Library, and of course, I now subscribe to science articles online, keeping up with the latest findings.

OK, despite how much you and your daughter have read up on Darwin and evolution, you still reject it. I get that.

But, I could NEVER accept the creation story in the Bible. It seems all too mythical to me! When I was a kid, I was raised a Presbyterian, and even though I had believed there was a God of some sort, I just could not believe what was in the Bible. I came to my own conclusion that natural selection and evolution was the method, or rather, what God simply allowed to occur. I didn't believe that God stepped in to poof, this or that, magically into existence.

When I was 9 years old, my Sunday school teacher told me I was headed for Hell unless I changed my ways!!!

Yeah! real nice thing to say to a kid! Eh?

OK, back in 2014, I had seen the entire debate between Bill Nye The Science Guy and Ken Ham on a YouTube video that was about 2 1/2 hours long. Comment posting under the video was disabled. Gee! I wonder why!!!

Oh! According to Christian Today, YES, a Christian website, in the exit poll, about 92% percent said that Bill Nye won the debate while only 8% percent believed that Ken Ham won the debate.

The debate took place at the Creation Museum, which is of course, Ken Ham's home turf! Yeah! Ken Ham got his butt handed to him on a platter, on his own home turf!!!

Hey Ken Ham! It looks like things weren't going so good for ya in the hood!!! Eh?

A lot of people had said that Bill Nye was wasting his valuable time debating an idiot like Ken Ham! I have to agree. He was wasting his valuable time. But it was Ken Ham who ended up looking like a fool.

Bill Nye was presenting FACTS, while Ken Ham was just holding up his Bible saying, in his wimpy whiny pipsqueak little voice, well, I have this book. Ken Ham may just as well had been holding up a book of Mother Goose!!!

Oh! You also said . . . . .

Unlike you, my parents taught me to think for myself and draw my own conclusions.

OK! You have just insulted BOTH me AND my mother!!! DAMN IT!!! My mother is not alive to defend herself! Yeah! Way to go! Way to go! How sweet!!!

My mother also encouraged me to think for myself, which is why, when I was a kid, I had rejected the Biblical Creation story, and I also drew my own conclusions, after having read several books on dinosaurs and evolution from the public library, books which I was not allowed to read in school by one of my teachers.

Yeah! You have insulted BOTH me AND my mother!!!

DAMN! Now I need a good strong coffee and another cigar!

Anyway . . . . .

I had mentioned that our dear sweet Republican Texas Governor, Good Hair Rick Perry, had allowed an innocent man to be executed, because he rejected the DNA evidence which proved that the accused was NEVER at the crime scene!

Yeah! Governor Rick Perry rejected the DNA evidence, as he rejects ALL science, because DNA proves EVOLUTION!!!

You have not said anything in response to that! I guess you don't care that an innocent man was executed! Right?

Oh! During a debate on climate change, Rick Perry made the comment that Galileo was outvoted! Well, he's not Governor of Texas anymore. But now, we have some other Republican douche-bag!!!

So, nothing has really changed!

Oh! Here's some more pseudo-science from some more Republican retards! This is sweet!

Nevada Republican Assemblywoman, Michele Fiore, says that cancer is a fungus that can simply be washed away by using sodium-bicarbonate! Yeah! Baking Soda!!! REALLY!!!

Tomorrow I'll be posting that in another topic.

And here is some more really good stuff!!!

Idaho State Representative, Vito Barbieri, a Republican, (thinks?) that women can get gynecological exams by swallowing a little camera like a pill. REALLY!!!

I will be posting an article about that real soon.

OK, if a woman were to swallow a little camera, it would go down the esophagus, into the stomach, and out through the intestines. It would never get anywhere near the uterus.

When I was only in the third grade, I knew far more about human anatomy than these Republican retards!!!

My mother took courses in First Aid, and I read her textbooks showing the human anatomy.

Republicans are like little Kindergarteners who believe that when Mommy gets pregnant, that she carries the baby in her stomach! No, the fetus in carried in the womb or uterus. Swallowing a tiny camera is not going to show what's going on in the uterus.

And these idiots want to control what is being taught in our public schools??? REALLY???

It's no wonder America has become the laughing stock of the world!

I'm outta here!
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March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Empty Re: March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14

Post by Mrs. Earl on Mon Mar 23, 2015 4:30 am

Hello, Big Fat Heretic.  I’m glad that you finally realized that my lack of belief in evolution is not due to lack of knowledge.  However, that was not my primary reason for listing all the formal training my daughter and I have had in biology.  Nor was my purpose to imply that I know more about evolution than you do.  I imagine that you know a great deal more about evolution than I do because the subject interests you and you read about it all the time.  My purpose was to illustrate the fact that evolutionists have controlled the science curriculum in this country for the past 40 years.  Yes, I know people like Rick Perry have tried to change this; but they have failed every time.  This being the case, the lack of scientific knowledge in schoolchildren can be laid directly at the feet of evolutionists.  Creationists are not responsible because they do not control the curriculum.

Before I go any further, I would like to apologize for insulting your mother.  I do believe that when you were in elementary school, you thought for yourself.  I also believe that it took courage to publicly disagree with the adults around you.  I’m sure your mother was very proud of you.  However, I believe that now you have grown lazy and instead of examining what people say, you look at the individual making the statement.  If you like the person, you believe what he says.  If you don’t like the person, you don’t believe what he says.  This is not thinking for yourself.

Which brings us to why I did not talk about Rick Perry in my last post.  What Rick Perry does or does not believe about DNA has nothing to do with what I believe.  It has nothing to do with whether Creationism is true or false.  It has nothing to do with whether evolution is true or false.  It only has to do with what kind of a man Rick Perry is.

You seem to have trouble understanding that to argue “A dog has four legs.  A table has four legs,  Therefore, that table is a dog” is not valid reasoning.  So, let me give you a few examples that may help you understand this principle.  

William Shockley was a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who, like you, believed in evolution.  Does that mean I can assume that you agree with him that blacks are inferior to whites and are causing the human race to regress in the evolutionary process?  George Will, like you, is an atheist who believes in evolution and hates creationists.  Does that mean I can assume that you are a conservative who idolizes baseball?  Joseph Stalin was, like you, an atheist who believed in evolution.  Does that mean I can assume that you condone the massacre of 25 million people?  Richard Dawkins is, like you, an atheist who strongly believes in evolution.  Does that mean I can assume that you feel it’s okay to sexually molest schoolboys and that children with Down’s Syndrome do not deserve to live?  Of course, I know that you don’t believe any of these things.

I could go on, but I hope I’ve made my point.  Please stop shouting “That table is a dog!” as if you’ve proved something.  It’s this habit you have which made you insult me by claiming that I was merely parroting back something that was stated by a convicted felon.

I don’t think you actually paid attention to what I said about Ken Ham and Bill Nye.  I agree that in the debate Ken Ham looked like an idiot, but Bill Nye did not confine himself to science.  If he had, I would agree with your assessment of his performance.  But on more than one occasion, he began discussing manuscripts; and he very clearly said that when someone translates a manuscript, he then destroys the original manuscript.  It was this ridiculous assertion that made me say that he made himself look like an idiot.

There was something else you said that shows that you really don’t pay attention to what other people post.  You take bits and pieces of what they say and fit them into the framework of what you thought they were going to say.  You said that you thought I had said somewhere that I had taken calculus.  I don’t believe I have ever talked about my taking calculus in this forum.  It’s true I have taken calculus, but I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it.  I have a Bachelor of Science in mathematics.  Calculus was the first college math class I took.  I then took several math classes beyond calculus.  I believe it was Earl who mentioned me in calculus, and what he said was that I used to teach calculus.  I taught a lot of math classes as well as that one year when I taught a biology class.

This background in math helps me realize how incredibly high the odds are against evolution.  I simply don’t have enough faith to swallow it.  However, I must admit that’s not the main reason I don’t believe in evolution.  You want to know the main reason?  The tomb was empty.
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March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14 Empty Re: March 14 is International Pi Day - π=3.14

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