400 Years Ago Today - December 20,1614 CE - The Beginning of Galileo's Troubles With The Catholic Church and the Inquisition

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400 Years Ago Today - December 20,1614 CE - The Beginning of Galileo's Troubles With The Catholic Church and the Inquisition

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Sun Dec 21, 2014 6:04 am

OK, I just posted this on Saturday evening, December 20,2014 at 11:04 PM
Mountain Standard Time, here in El Paso, Texas.

This is a brief posting copied from my topic which is titled . . . . .

The Trial of Galileo 1633 CE - (Re-post From Old Forum)

This is about how Galileo's troubles first began.

Tommaso Caccini (1574-1648)

Father Tommaso Caccini, a Dominican monk and inveterate scandal-maker, was the chief instigator of Galileo's troubles. On December 20, 1614, Caccini preached a sermon in Florence that condemned mathematics and alleged that Copernicanism was either heretical or very close to it.  Caccini, a "turbulent ignoramus," contended that Copernicus' Sun-centered system contradicted Scripture's description of an Earth-centered system.

In March of 1615, Caccini traveled to Rome and denounced Galileo before the Holy Office.  In his deposition, Caccini claimed that Florence was full of "Galileists" who denied miracles, claimed God was an accident, and espoused Copernican views.  Caccini's move was part of a plot calculated to force Rome to act against Galileo.

Galileo accuratedly sized up his enemy, describing Caccini as a person "of very great ignorance, no less a mind full of venom and devoid of charity."  Caccini's own brother shared this appraisal, calling his sibling "a dreadful fool" whose "ugly drives" and "performance...makes no sense in heaven or earth."

After playing his role in gaining Galileo's admonition in 1616, Caccini managed to earn the enmity of powerful Cardinal Borghese and was forced to leave Rome.  He spent his later years as Prior of San Marco in Florence.

So, it was 400 years ago today when Father Tommaso Caccini, a Dominican monk and the chief instigator who made his first move against Galileo which would eventually lead to Galileo being put on trial by the Roman Catholic Holy Office of the Inquisition 17 years later in 1633 CE.

So, in the upcoming year, 2016 I shall be posting brief articles as to what had occurred 400 years previously.

As you all know, 2016 will be another Presidential election year with our Republican party trying its damnest to push America ever closer to becoming a theocracy.

And so, I'll be posting what happened 400 years earlier concerning what happens under a theocracy.
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