What is it with Hollywood these days?

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What is it with Hollywood these days?

Post by The Imperialist on Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:28 am

I will start off with a film that is supposed to be coming out in 2014

The Edge of Tomorrow

A.K.A. All you need is kill (original novel title)

They have essentially decided that having a white person doing the main character is ABSOLUTELY pivotal for this film, even though the original novel had a Japanese main character and was suppose to portray a cross-cultural romance-esque thing between him and the tough lady officer with a Polish descent (I think) and things involving time travel in a Groundhog Day like thing, except it is in a battle with E.T's.

They first decided on having Matt Damon but as he was already doing something (Elysium) they switched to Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise of all people.
If they wanted to have some WASP main character... because somebody I guess decided that the entirety of America is filled with crazy Christian Right red necks, and the majority of the audience must fit this stereotype even though Tom Cruise is Scientology and all that. Which makes it very strange for them to pick Tom Cruise if they wanted to satisfy the racist portion of America (and Europe and other places)

So, my little pet theory is that essentially, somebody thought that it made perfect sense to make the character white just because that is how they like it (which gets rid of one of the underlying dawww moments of the novel), and that already makes the conversion to film already suspect on how much it is true to the original. The original Japanese novel and its translations did well because it was already like that. Why do they insist on changing key details of the story, and dumbing it down? We know that film audiences are not that dumb, and making a slightly complex plot is in fact not going to decrease the amount of viewers so I came to the conclusion that people at the top have some disturbing amount of racism that they do not know that they have. And this is reflected on what they think the audience will like (i.e. what THEY like) or else, one cannot describe the insane amount of film adaptations that insists on having a white protagonist when the original did not have and the consistent dumbing down during the process of adaptation.
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