We've Been Getting Rain In El Paso, Texas!

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We've Been Getting Rain In El Paso, Texas! Empty We've Been Getting Rain In El Paso, Texas!

Post by Big Fat Heretic on Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:12 pm

Well, We are finally getting rain in El Paso, Texas.

That's probably because, this year, our Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has not been making any more public requests that we all pray for rain.

I guess, that means that he finally learned his lesson, to never publicly pray for rain again, or perhaps, even God thinks Rick Perry is a douche-bag!

Or perhaps, Rick Perry is unable to pray for shit anymore. I think someone is keeping him locked up in a barn somewhere, has his hands tied behind his back, and has put a cow-flop in his mouth and sewed his lips shut!

Or perhaps I'm being overly optimistic.
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